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Change can be Good!

adding fresh new ideas and keeping all the ol’ sweet goodness!


With a series of small happenings coming together in my own personal life and in my business ~ I started to look at my work thru different eyes and also changing the way I think about things too. It really became a healthier approach to it all ~ sometimes Change can be a really good thing. I will be sure to share more about ‘that’ part of the journey soon.

But for today, let’s talk about our ‘Creative Keepsake Journals‘ ~ created from my heart and hands to yours, and the changes we will be making….it’s all filled with sweet goodness!


On your end….the only change is where your ‘Zoom Class’ is located and purchased from.

It is time for our ‘Creative Keepsake Journals‘ to come home, home to Classic Amy Joanne. as simple as that. Home to our website where you can find all things Creative thru a few easy clicks…..thru this small business built on Creativity! Home to our much loved Journals.

In fact this small change will provide even more time to design and create even more crafty content for our secret page and beyond! And….would you believe I have another idea for a fun Journal?!?!?

Our ‘zoom classes’ are called ‘Gatherings‘ ~ providing you with an experience like no-other, simply Gathering as friends and creating together (recorded and sent to your email too).

Thru 2023 we will continue ‘pretty-much‘ with the same schedule thru July & August, creating monthly ~ then we will take a small break in September and finish the year with a 4 day event, over two months!


on July 20, 2023

The Creative Halloween Keepsake Journal project ‘Pumpkin Stack Scarecrow‘ will be our last project thru Artful Webinars.

You can find this Class (here) ~ looking forward to creating with you one last time thru Artful Webinars, we’ve had a good time for 3 years and am grateful for the Artful Webinars Team and Artists.


Then on August 17, 2023

Our first page to be created at Classic Amy Joanne (register here) ~ thru our Creative Halloween Keepsake Journal, with the project ‘Sweet & Salty‘. (yes two months in a row for the Halloween Keepsake Journal)

.and I couldn’t be more excited!

Once registered you will receive a pattern with prep instructions and a zoom link for our first ‘Gathering‘. ….easy peasy.


Then Next ~ we are planning something special thru our Creative Christmas Keepsake Journals ~ a 4 Day Event in October and November, announcing dates soon!

The Christmas Pantry‘, will be a Three Page Spread & More!

Here are a few fun details!

  • more than 15 hours of ‘Gathering Time’, all recorded for your convenience.
  • a 3 Page Spread thru our Creative Christmas Keepsake Journal ~ with a Dutch Door ~ 6 designs in all!
  • what else is included you ask? ~ Patterns for matching Tree Ornaments, a Tree Topper Special, a how-to Garland, A new ‘Jingler’ Ornament, and a Bentwood Box with Tin Punch insides for safekeeping and some other fun ideas too!

My hopes are that you will find our ‘Gatherings‘ to be just what you were looking for ~ to learn a little and to continue to share our creative lives together, let’s Gather!

Everyone is welcome to Gather at our Creative Table Thru our Christmas, Halloween or the ‘My Cottage Life’ Keepsake Journals~ begin on any page, or create the design onto any surface, learn more (here)!

Gather and Enjoy all we have to offer.


If you are not familiar with ‘Our Business and the Decorative Art World’ it is very unique ~ Designers create ‘patterns’ of their Art Works to then be created by you! Imagine that!

A Pattern consists of a supply list, a line drawing, technique sheet, complete instructions and many photos. ‘Class’ Instructions include prep information and zoom links. Create thru a pattern purchase or join a Zoom Gathering for an awesome experience!

Pretty much the bread and butter of our Industry…..we need you!

10 thoughts on “‘The Creative Keepsake Journals’ with exciting new changes for our Journey!

  1. Kathleen Reagan Papstein says:

    Change can be a good thing and bring a fresh perspective! I will be continuing our CKJ journey until I reach 25 pages which will be 25 years of Christmas cards! I think I have 5 or 6 left. But don’t worry I will be continuing with your creative journey with other projects!!

    1. Thank you Kathleen ~ the journals are so much fun to create together ~ so much fun to share the journey together too! I love your ideas!

  2. All such great ideas for friends to gather and share!

    1. Thank you so much Barbara….happy to be creative friends!

  3. Allison Stout says:

    Can’t wait to create more with you! Love the journals and your work! I’m having fun planning out my My Cottage Life Journal. I’m thinking about including some of your recipe art designs on my facing pages. What do you think? I painted most of the Christmas designs on 8×8 canvases to make a Christmas gallery wall. The wall looks so cute. Now I think I need to go back and do them again in a journal!

    1. I just love all your ideas from the Christmas Gallery to the cottage journal facing pages! …and most of all I love how our journals are bringing us all together and sharing ideas! Thank you for being a big part of our artful journey…..friends from afar are still filled with sweet goodness….happy to be friends.

  4. Caroline says:

    I think this is a wonderful change Amy and I am looking forward to seeing what you have planned for the Christmas Journal. 💞

    1. Thank you Caroline….looking forward to creating with my whole-heart again!

  5. Carol doyle says:

    I look forward to Christmas journal thru your site. Carol

    1. thank you Carol….it will be filled with sweet goodness! Will enjoy creating together!

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