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It happens each and every time a client asks for custom work ~ my knees knock.

This Creative Post simply started as making Hot Cocoa Bombs, then as with everything I do it turned into so much more! The Hot Cocoa Bombs became ‘Chocolate Treat Keepers‘ with Homespun and Heartfelt Charm…along with creating matching wrappings and gift tags for ‘Door Knob Gifts‘, and then as an idea to gather with friends …

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Classic Chalk Art had a bit of a revival this past Friday evening, thanks to a free demo thru FaceBook Live in the Group ‘Artfully Connected with Cindy Harrison’, ‘Watch, Learn & Pencil‘ ! And Curiosity happened….ya, know ’cause the name itself is pretty deceiving. The question most received is ‘will it erase?‘ And the …

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Would you believe this is my first time making fresh homemade Lemonade? We’ve made pizza dough in the bread machine and sweet smelling laundry detergent this year as a few ‘firsts’, so why not add Fresh Lemonade to all the homemade goodness!

Happy Easter! Yes that’s me, early 70’s …..and my younger sister Stacey, chomping on her Chocolate Bunny…my basket is still together and presentable, I love a good presentation…..not sure about my sister’s basket! ********************************* I have created to share with you a PEEP Easter gift tag to adorn a wrapped gift or Easter basket…this Easter season. I chose …

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