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Heaven and Nature Ring’ ~ creating a wreath, a candle ring, a fun new pattern gift tag, introducing a new candle, and we’re even feeding the birds ~ let’s get busy!

Nature has a beautiful way of creating all kinds of goodies for us to play with in the garden ~ as Creatives.

Around our Cottage, we grow plants specifically for winter cuttings and craft making. From boxwood to holly, to hydrangea to winterberry.

Collecting and Harvesting from a Winter Garden is just as fun as picking flowers in the Spring.

The deer and birds ate well from our winterberry this year ~ cranberries it will be as a nice colorful substitute.

Along with drying fruits pierced with cloves.

Using a dehydrator for the sliced fruit and the oven for the fruit pierced with cloves, set at a low temp for 6 hours. Both dried to perfection.

Creating wreaths and candle rings with natures gifts from the Garden ~ adding ol’ bells (found here) and red velvet ribbons tucked into the branches.

Wire rings and floral wire were used to wrap ‘natures gifts’ around the wreath and candle ring from the floral department of Hobby Lobby.

And even though the birds ate all the winterberry ~ they were still treated to a sweet gift ~ stringing together (with fishing line) dried fruit, cranberries, bay leaves and peanuts. Adding a sweet ringing bell to the end, to keep the squirrels away…although they may enjoy a peanut or two.


Our newest Candle here at Classic Amy Joanne, called ‘Cottage Christmas‘ brings together the scent of Christmas Simmer (read here) ~ and would make a perfect gift along with a handmade candle ring. (Shop Candles here).

Add a gift tag addition to your wreath with a ‘Heaven and Nature Rings‘ Acrylic and Colored Pencil Designed Gift Tag ~ from my heart to yours. (Gift Pattern Here)….a simple thank you.

Add this sweet design to your wreath ~ onto a scalloped round ornament (available here) ~ or even use as a coaster or lid to a 8oz Candle.

Endless possibilities using Nature to create beautiful gifts this Christmas Season, from the Garden to Dried Fruit ~ even adding bells, ribbons, candles and a creative ornament.

Let Heaven and Nature Ring….Merry Christmas.


6 thoughts on “Heaven and Nature Ring

  1. We use items from nature to decorate too! And we’re going to make treats for the birds as well. These are all such wonderful ideas! Love your blogs!

    1. thank you Barbara….love viewing your beautiful home, especially at Christmas time.

  2. That sure does bring Christmas home, doesn’t it? It is a beautiful project! 🙂

    1. Thank you Sheila 🙂

  3. Fran Pascazio says:

    Beautiful post….love all your cottage ideas….

    1. thank you Fran, always fun to share! Enjoy!

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