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Have you heard about the ‘free’ art lessons thru FaceBook Live Events thru Artfully Connected called ‘Watch-Learn-Create‘?

It is an opportunity for you to watch and learn ‘what we do as Decorative Artists‘ for ‘free’ or even play along with an inexpensive pattern provided by the Designer and Artist!

An opportunity for you to learn Decorative Art skills and get to know the Designers and Artists in the Industry that bring you the designs to create! It also helps the Designers and Artists to share their new patterns and techniques, get the word out and encourage you to join their classes and so much more!


Create this design ~ ‘After School Snack‘ along with us using your own materials or use this fun project kit called ‘Little Maker‘ found (here), complete with a sweet little bell and matching tacks included.

purchase a pattern to play along, found (here), includes supply list.

Please have the painting completed and we will pick it up at the penciling.

Or simply watch & learn.

Join us on April 29th (flyer details below) for ‘After School Snack‘ Paint & Pencil Project

Come and Learn how to create details, add shading and hi-lights too ~ all with a stroke of a pencil.

Learn little secrets of creating Decorative Art Style!

Love this idea?….read more about the ‘Little Makers‘ beginnings (here).

Each FB Live Event is saved for viewing thru Artfully Connected.


Just think, when you’re done creating, you will have a fun piece to add to a gift basket for your favorite student along with crackers, peanut butter and marshmallows too!

Did you see our recent blog post called ‘Fluffer Nutter’ (here)? Make your own homemade peanut butter and marshmallow to add to your gift set!


I can remember my Mom having saltines with peanut butter and marshmallow waiting for us when we arrived home from grade school….sweet memories.

Whether you enjoy Art, Home or Food….

I hope it feels like home here at Classic Amy Joanne.

Inspiration and Creativity awaits.


Coming Soon ~ Single Serve Easter Charcuterie, Inspired Creative Living, Website Tour, Chocolate Candles and Studio Tour

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