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Little Makers’ Kits are a whole-lot-a Creativity wrapped up in a little package!

Let me introduce to you, a new surface ‘kit’ to create super cute little treasured handmade gifts!

The ‘Little Makers’ Kits are available (here) ~ and come with all the sweet little goodies (shown above) to add the homespun charm ~ with your choice of color fabric and twine. Including a tiny handmade brass bell with the cutest ringtone!

The bell was curated from a favorite Etsy shop found (here), matching those little brass tacks of course! Coordinating is a hobby right?

The wood plaques are also available separately thru Sheila Landry (here).

Oh…… and the little canvas bag and homespun twill tape….we will be sharing new fun inspiring ideas thru this blog coming soon ~ so hold onto those!

and just a quick note about shipping fees, I know ugh. The shipping fees are included with the price of the item. If multiple ‘little makers’ are ordered or your order includes other items (…thank you), shipping costs will be adjusted and refunded.


So what can you do with these ‘Little Maker Kits‘?

Well, first you can join us thru our FaceBook Group ‘Artfully Connected with Cindy Harrison’ for free lessons using these Kits ~ thru the ‘Watch-Learn-Create‘ Demos and Classes each month, beginning in March.

Watch and Learn for Free or Purchase an inexpensive Pattern and play along ~ and purchasing a Kit makes it extra special too!

Each new design for the ‘Little Makers Kits‘ will be available (the month prior) to purchase a pattern to play along thru the ‘Watch-Learn-Create‘ Class, (here).

Each design/pattern is created in Acrylic & Colored Pencil over Watercolor Paper. If you’re joining us for any Class (Watch-Learn-Create) just simply have your ‘Little Maker‘ basecoated and each item within the design basecoated as well, we will pick it up at the Penciling!

You may create along with us using what ever materials you have as well, watercolor paper makes the best surface.

Each ‘Little Maker‘ created, will make a fun gift to give….tie on-to a basket, place in a mug, add a magnet for a fridge reminder, or attached to a notepad….the possibilities are endless.


Our first design to create is ‘Chocolate Bunny in an Ironstone Bowl‘ ~ pattern available (here).

We will be creating this design thru ‘Watch-Learn-Create‘ on March 4th at 7pm EST, thru the Artfully Connected FaceBook Group, Live Event! Join us thru FaceBook (here) to become a member and find the Event! Remember it’s free to Watch and Learn ~ but Playing along is extra fun!

Here are a few dates for creating the ‘Little Makers’ thru ‘Watch-Learn-Create’ thru ‘Artfully Connected‘ on FaceBook ~ mark your calendars OR catch us on the recording!

March 4, 2022

April 29, 2022

May 27, 2022

June 24, 2022

July 29, 2022

While you’re visiting the Group be sure to check out all the Artists Event happenings!

Are you enjoying this technique in Paint & Pencil?

Join us to create ‘Blue Easter‘ (shown below) thru ‘Artful Webinars‘ Zoom Classes on March 31 and April 7, Register (here).

‘Little Makers’

Creating in Homespun Style…is simply Classic.



Coming Soon ~ I Dough Love You, Warm Your Home Candles, Creative Christmas Keepsake Journal Happenings and Burnt Butter Alfredo Chicken Pizza!

5 thoughts on “‘Little Makers’ ~ Kits

  1. This looks to be a really fun and adorable series, Amy. I am happy to be involved in a small part with it. <3

    1. Another fun project ❤️thank you!

  2. What fun ideas! It must be a joy to live inside your head! Love it!

    1. Oh my a Joy for sure! 🙂

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