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I haven’t completely unpacked yet and Lucketts is now a distant memory….you see, I attend Luckett’s Spring Market in May every year~ introduced to me by a blogger named Marian of Miss Mustard Seed,   It is a fun antique-vintage-junk market in Berryville VA.  You can read more about the market →

…thru-out this post you will find my Lucketts treasures amongst the story.

Luckett’s Spring Market – May 2018

I invited my Sister Stacey to tag along with me to Luckett’s Spring Market, I was looking forward to some downtime, just hanging with my sister….a slow-paced relaxing, restful weekend, much-needed for both of us.….think again Amy.


Stacey approved this picture….yes Stacey you will always be the younger Sister, lol!

Nite One

Me ~ ‘I will pick you up at 4 after work, be ready’…..I arrived at 4, looking forward to some sister time for the 3 hour ride….finding a nice restaurant close to our hotel and having a relaxing dinner and then head back to the hotel to again relax.

Stacey ~ getting into the car ‘Amy, I found an outlet it is in MD, about an hour from the hotel, if we drive fast we can make it there to shop for a few hours’….

Me ~ ‘oh, ok’…..relaxing, restful?  Here we go at Stacey’s speed…..if you know Stacey you will understand the Story.

We shopped the outlets, loaded our car with bags and bags and bags of clothing, stopped to eat at 9:30 and called the hotel for a late check-in.  Arrived at the hotel at 10:45.  Fell into bed.

Me thinking~ ‘We will rest tomorrow’.…a good nite sleep will feel good.

Day One

Whom ever was in hotel room the nite before had the alarm set for 5am….so much for a good nites sleep!  The only good thing about this was…..we got to watch the Royal Wedding!

Stacey ~ ‘Amy, since we got up early, I found a mall that is about 2 miles from this hotel, since it is raining anyway, lets stop there first and then to Lucketts.’   

Me thinking~  ‘Oh boy’. 

You see….Stacey loves clothing as much as I love vintage.  And I like clothing and she likes vintage too…!

We ate breakfast then drove to the mall….shopped again for a few hours, then loaded the car with more bags of clothing… became noon.  Finally we were on our way to Lucketts… know, the real reason for the relaxing trip! Lol!

If you remember May 2018….it rained everyday except for 3 …..but we were prepared for rain and walking…..just not mud.  Oh the mud. Did I say mud? I was a little concerned about getting our car out of the mud….but, thought we will figure it out….shopping Lucketts will be worth it!

we’re Doin’ Lucketts!

  We spent the rest of the day finding and hauling lots of treasures….it came time to leave ~ knowing that we will have Sunday yet to shop and gather our thoughts of things we don’t want to leave behind… to the car we went….in hopes that we didn’t need the tow truck to get out…..oh boy, wait till Jerry sees the car.  Maybe it’s a good thing….then he won’t see all the bags!

lucketts 4
Vintage Finial….will make a nice milk painted ornament!

As we walked to the car Stacey said~ ‘I found outlets about a half hour away….let’s go!’

Me thinking~ ‘boy I could use a nice meal and a shower!’  So guess what ~ we drove to the outlets.  We did however finally sit down for a nice meal….although we were covered in mud…..then we shopped again, loaded the car with more clothing, on-top of our vintage finds.

back to the hotel, 9:30pm.  Nite Two.

lucketts 2
I found Big Ben! One more and I will have 3 for my collection!

Day Two and Final Day

We awoke….after a restful sleep, finally. 

My sister was sitting up with her I-pad ~ ‘Amy, I think I want to go back to the mall and return something and get the shoes I was thinking about, we can do this before Lucketts’

Me…~ ‘oh, ok’.  Ate breakfast and back to the mall we went…no rest for the weary.

lucketts 9
of course Ironstone……
lucketts 8
…the perfect weight and curves

….then finally Lucketts Final Visit!

We shopped until about noon and left for home.  My car and our shoes caked with mud, but our hearts were happy.

lucketts 5
hemmmm paintbrushes!…..a couple more to find and I will be hanging on the wall in the Studio!
lucketts 3
Vintage Desk Clips!
lucketts 1
a lucky find…Vintage Blue Scale with Weights!
lucketts 10

Do you ever wonder what happens to the shoe store foot stools!
lucketts 7
The perfect blue scissors!
lucketts 6
and my most favorite find…a Vintage Clipboard with Hole Punch! I found it right at the ‘register’….everything is for sale…just ask!

I enjoyed this time with my sister…..boy I think I need a vacation to rest and relax though, lol!  My head is still spinning and I am not quite sure if I wore every outfit or unpacked every antique or cleaned the mud from my shoes or my car….good thing we purchased new shoes!  I had some explaining to do to Jerry about the mud underneath the car. Yikes!

Love ya Stacey. …and Kristine and Billy too.  My siblings.

Up Next: How I Shop Vintage, Lining a Bentwood Box, Mixed Media Mania, and My Dad

8 thoughts on “Lucketts Spring Market 2018 – The Story

  1. Sharon says:

    I got tired just reading this… and I like to shop. That’s Stacey for ya. 🙂

    1. For sure!

  2. Sounds like you had a lot of fun 🙂 Love the vintage finds!

    1. We sure did! Thank u! Now to find homes for all the ironstone!

  3. Barb Jones says:

    OMG…great things are found in the mud! How fun!

    1. Lot’s of fun treasures! I could have shopped more!

  4. Well I am exhausted and I didn’t even go ! Glad you had fun!

    1. Thank you Jane! We did!

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