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Countless times over the last 35 years, I have been reminded of how awesome this creative journey is with the friendships made along the way.

And countless times, looking back, I see how God’s Plan is perfectly laid out ~ all-while holding a paint brush in my hand.


A few years ago when asked to teach Art in the Studio of a soon-to-be friend Donna, I was so excited! Donna has hosted many talented Artists in her beautiful Home and Studio… it was another pinch-me knee knocking moment.

Over time we became friends thru a few get togethers and keeping in touch, we connected in so many ways, thru our homes, art, style and other interests too.

Donna is a Designer herself, not only of Painting Designs but of Fiber Art such as Punch Needle. You can find Donna’s work thru magazines such as ‘Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher‘ and thru her business ‘Brookfield Hollow‘ thru Etsy (click here).

Then another pinch-me moment happened.

Donna asked if she could use a few of my designs in her punch needle work. ‘Oh my gosh, Why Yes Donna!’

Donna’s first request was for ‘The Pilgrims‘. The Pilgrims is a favorite here at Classic Amy Joanne, and I simply couldn’t wait to see Donna create it with her beautiful works!

And not only has Donna created a beautiful piece, it is also available as a punch needle pattern for you to create as well (click here)!

And of course, it is also available as an Acrylic & Colored Pencil pattern (click here). and Acrylic only pattern (click here).

Thru Donna’s shop you will also find her own designs and beautiful wood surfaces to compliment her pieces, (click here). Each designed for you to create.


For a while I thought Donna was working on ‘The Pilgrims’ as the first punch needle piece and then she surprised me thru my FaceBook Group ‘Create with Classic Amy Joanne‘ (found here), with this…..

‘Oh My Goodness, Donna’….you captured ‘Be Merry Santa‘ beautifully! I cannot tell you how excited I was to see this as I scrolled thru.

Santa is from the pages of our Journal Project ~ ‘The Creative Christmas Keepsake Journal‘ in Acrylics (found here). A fun project to create along together thru Zoom Classes or Pattern, learn more (click here).

You can find Donna’s punch needle design for ‘Be Merry Santa‘ (click here). I feel I need to get my punch needle moving!


A perfect mix of brushes, threads and friendship.

Enjoy the softer side of these Designs from Donna’s heArt and Mine. Each purchase is appreciated ~ helping two small creative women owned businesses!

Happy Painting & Punching!


Coming Soon ~ Halloween Keepsake Journal, Flower Frogs, Furniture Update, Spring Cottage, Cottage Kitchen Candle, Summer Projects and so much more!

10 thoughts on “A Designing Collab ~ from Painting to Punch Needle

  1. Penny Kindblom says:

    Amy I love all that you are doing. What a great collaboration of “artful creations”. Amazing talents being shared makes it a wonderful day for all of us. Thank you.

    1. so happy you are enjoying all that we have to offer! Thank you!

  2. Sharon T says:


    1. thank you!

  3. Wow! Congratulations, Amy! What a nice complement these punch-needle pieces are to your painted and penciled designs. Although I’ve never tried punch needle, I love the look and these look great!

    1. another hobby! Thank you!

  4. Lynn says:


    1. thank you! So enjoyable!

  5. How wonderful! I love seeing your many successes! Congratulations, Amy! <3

    1. now I cannot wait to punch needle the designs!

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