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We’re getting our ducks in a row here on Meadow Ave.

We’ve been busy working on a couple of DIY projects in the garden this past summer. Sharing a few of our ideas back in 2020 (read here) and of course, changing my mind a few times along the way.

The ‘story-book cottage‘ idea has remained the same and we recently added Duck Statues to our front garden. So Smitten.

The Country Goose has been in-and-out of our lives over the past 35 years or so ~ remember it’s popularity in the early 90’s? I was even gifted ‘Marmalade’ Dishes at my bridal shower and occassionally enjoy using them today.

More recently purchasing a swan vase while antiquing ~ may as well add to the Cottage Charm Collection, ‘what’s one more’ were my thoughts.

We try not to get to theme-y or too collected….yet again the Country Goose is back in our lives.

We found ourselves making several trips to the Statuary Place ~ it practically was in our back-yard, only recently finding out about it thru our neighbor. Now we are regulars.

Initially purchasing the Mama duck and 3 ducklings….then our next visit adding 3 more ducklings, along with 2 planters.

Then we decided to add enough ducklings to total 9 with the Mama. Between my husband and I we have 5 siblings (7 including us)….and 1 beautiful niece, all represented by 8 ducklings.

I find myself counting them when I walk by just like a Mama duck.

A Storybook Cottage for sure.

I do love the look of just plain stone-colored statues, but decided to add just a bit of washed out color to all the beaks, feet and eyes too. We’re painterly people after-all.

Adding a little personality, and a whole-lotta charm.

Using a drybrushing method and just a bit of acrylic paint. We did not add any sealer in hopes they will look faded over time for a vintage look.

We then scattered and placed the playful bunch within the front garden. Once the porch is added they will nestle in just beautifully.

Sweet, Simple and Storybook.


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4 thoughts on “Ducks in a Row

  1. What a precious story! Love how the ducklings represent people in your family. Wish I could see your home in person! I’m sure it’s magical!

    1. Every step we take, I look forward to the next! Trying to savor every moment!

  2. Hi, Amy – They are truly adorable. They certainly add charm to an already charming cottage! Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us. <3

    1. Thank you Sheila….as you know, I just love everything about ‘home’. 🙂

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