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Banana Bread Baby Bundt Box, say that 10 times!

Have you painted on our Baby Bundt Boxes yet? (order here)

The boxes are not only useful but make for fun gift giving as well ~handmade and personalized for any occasion ~ for well wishes, a new bride, a get-well-soon or simply just to make someone smile.

The boxes are designed for a 3Cup Bundt Cake (pan found here), with a secret push-up bottom within the box. The box also has a wrap around side to look like a Shaker box ~ with so many ideas for coordinating the inside of the box with the outside, along with the design and the foodie gift as well….and yes, even the packaging.

Scrapbooking paper lined or even sheet metal for a punched-tin-pie-safe-look (view here) on the inside. Endless Possibilities.

the Banana Bread Baby Bundt Box Pattern (found here), is created in acrylics onto watercolor paper, and then attached to the box with upholstery tacks ~ a favorite way to add detail to the outside of the box.

Of course you are not limited to this surface or watercolor paper ~ create this design onto any wood surface ~ a bentwood box, a wooden tray or even the cover of a recipe book.

Simply making my Mom’s delicious Banana Snack Cake (instead of a loaf pan use a 3Cup Bundt Cake Pan ~ and watch the timing while baking) ~ and adding a few extra chocolate chips, because who measures that stuff ~ Once cooled sprinkle with powdered sugar and packaged up for a sweet gift to nestle into your hand-painted Baby Bundt Box! (Similar Recipe found here).

You may also find other ‘banana’ type recipes thru my personal Pinterest Board (Pinterest Board here).

We even captured the scent of Mom’s Banana Snack Cake into Candle Melting Tarts (found here). Cottage Jar and 8oz Candles to come.

All perfectly coordinated ~ from the painting pattern, to the box for gift giving, to the recipe to enjoy, and even the melting tarts too!

Designing and sourcing projects are much like retail merchandising to me ~ all coming together for you to enjoy a Creative Experience.

Enjoy this Creative Experience from my heart to yours ~ from the surface, to the painting, to adding the details, to baking the recipe, to the coordinated the gift for giving~ that’s Classic Amy Joanne.


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6 thoughts on “Banana Bread Baby Bundt Box

  1. Penny K says:

    Your ideas are endless….so inviting and so very creative. Love this!

    1. Thank you Penny for your kind comments!

  2. It looks great, Amy! 🙂

    1. thank you Sheila!

  3. Fran Pascazio says:

    This is so “sweet”…. another winner!!!!

    1. Thank you Fran, so sweet of you!

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