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If you are going to take the time to paint a heirloom quality piece, it is worth taking the time to pick a quality piece of handcrafted wood.  I myself, take the time to choose the best wood crafters, who pay attention to detail and produce only quality made items, hand made in  the USA.  I have found the best thru 20 years of experience, and meeting craftsman in person at Decorative Painting Conventions.

The first images are from Turn of the Century Wood,, it is a hand turned cake pedestal.  Several of my patterns are painted on Turn of the Century hand turned pedestals, lazy susans and bowls.

toc cake pedastle

The second set of images are from Hofcraft,  The first 2 images are actually pieces I designed for Hofcraft to create! (how exciting!!!)  I cannot wait to design on these and will be sure to share my designs soon!  The 2 pieces are available now for anyone to purchase on their site.  The next image is of a bentwood carrier from Hofcraft, this pattern is also available thru their site.

Bentwood 2

I have also painted on Pesky Bear Baskets, hand woven in New York, USA!


I have also worked with Heirlooms from the Heart, right here in Shamokin Dam, Pennsylvania.  They have the most awesome sleighs, nice place to visit!

Another favorite is Della and Company, they have fine tin to create keepsake ornaments.

Taking the time to learn about the wood pieces you are using is just as important as learning about the brushes and mediums.  Quality Work will always make a difference.


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