Ironstone Plate Display

I have been following Miss Mustard Seed’s Blog, for a while and adore her style, her home and her Milk Paint line.  I love how she has chosen and displayed Ironstone thru-out her home and I set out to gather my own collection of Ironstone.  I believe it would be fitting for my own style.

I have a blank wall in my dining room with one Colored Pencil Painting and decided that I would surround the painting with Ironstone plates, after-all there is Ironstone in the painting.

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So the hunt and gather has begun.  I met a friend at Miss Morgans MilkWeed Antiques,, in Bethel PA to exchange framing (She frames all my pencil projects) and to shop.  We had a great time junkin’ and I found 3 Ironstone plates that I could not live without and home I went to fill the wall.

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BUT a funny thing happened….  I placed the plates in my kitchen on a plate rail to rest while I gathered the hammer and nails and they looked awesome…what a happy accident!  So they now have a new home in the kitchen on the plate rail!

I guess I will need to go junkin’ again!  Gotta fill that dining room wall!

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