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Sometimes it’s the little things that bring us happiness

I love collecting ‘stuff ‘ and I surround myself with all sorts of old and new pretties in my home and studio.  I realize it is not the ‘stuff ‘ that makes me happy but the memory it conjures up or the experience of the find or a reminder of someone special, a time or a place visited….so my ‘stuff’ is an important part of who I am.

Recently I enjoyed a weekend trip with friends, Jane, Glenda and Deb to a mixed media event called CREATE.  What a great weekend laughing, dreaming, scheming and enjoying each others company.  We visited the vendors at CREATE and they had all sorts of goodies (‘stuff’) for us and as I passed by one of the vendors, I spotted flashcards of old…nothing special about them, but they caught my eye.  While admiring them I met up with a fellow painter Penny, (I didn’t know Penny was going to the event so that was a nice surprise!) who also admired the flashcards…we looked thru them like they were hidden treasures.

They were only $1.00 and I only purchased one.

Penny's Flash Card III

But, that $1.00 flashcard brings me happiness when I pass by or stop and stare…it reminds me of a great weekend with friends, and a special chance meeting with a painting pal and the thrill of the find.

I love my ‘stuff’ !

Penny's FlashCard
Penny's Flash Card II

Oh…and the apron collection….that’s another story!

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