Making Headlines

Decorative Art offered at our local Community Art Center in the news!


 The article is about the workshops I teach at our local community art center and have gained a few Decorative Artists by doing so.  I introduce Decorative Art thru Colored Pencil Workshops at the center, and provide displays of Acrylic and Pencil Work as well…..Decorative Art is growing…at least in Tamaqua Pa.

Leona, the Director of the Tamaqua Community Arts Center, and I have put together Colored Pencil Workshops on Saturdays and weeknights.  Most recently added was a monthly class.  Coming soon a ‘Mommy and Me’ Workshop. I have also taken the show on the road for fund raising events and home shows, aka ‘The Pencilin’ Peddler’ !

I am preparing now for the workshops available this month, yep… 537 pencils sharpened!

Sharpened pencilsPP

Join us at the Tamaqua Community Arts Center for a Workshop!

Keep Decorative Art alive….sign up for a class in your local community or offer a class today….Support Decorative Art

SantaMommy and Me Class

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