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Please don’t gasp when you look at these books and think they have been mistreated….but look at them as they have been treated with much love!


maxine 2

I have been Decorative Painting since the early 90’s, 25 years and counting and Maxine Thomas was my go to designer!  I painted and painted and painted her patterns. I followed Maxine from Smoketown Pa, to New Jersey to Chapters to Conventions…taking seminar after seminar.  Learning from the ‘Big Brush’!

I have painted and taken classes and seminars from countless others from whom I love and admire, but Maxine opened the door for me and kept my brushes moving.

maxine 4

I began designing a few years ago and have seen my designs published in PaintWorks Magazine and The Decorative Painter, it is always exciting to see your name in print, it never grows old!

Recently I posted a copy of The Decorative Painter that I have been published in on FaceBook….

Decorative Painter -Christmas Keepsakes!


and was thrilled to receive this reply….

maxine 3

Oh my gosh….it’s Maxine Thomas!  Maxine made my day…..

Believe me when I tell you that any comment, kudos or compliment makes my day…it truly means a lot!  Decorative Painters are truly wonderful people…taking the time to comment on any post on FaceBook is great encouragement from the beginner to the most experienced !

Find your Maxine Thomas….Keep the brushes moving and keep sharing the love for Decorative Art!

6 thoughts on “Finding your Maxine….

  1. Pam Boyce says:

    Amy, I have become a big fan of yours, just as you were with Maxine. Love her too, but have never had the honor of taking a class from her. Loved your Christmas design in The Decorative Painter. Keep that great stuff coming.

    1. Thanks Pam…you make me smile!

  2. Melissa says:

    Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement, Amy! I bet you are someone’s muse. 🙂

    1. Hi Melissa…thank you for the comment ! 🙂

  3. Another amazing post, I love it! You are so good and encouraging!

    Sent from Jane’s iPad


    1. ….Thank you Jane!

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