Attention to Detail

It’s in the Details….

Whether it is creating my creative business or designing a painting, I love details!

If you notice on my booth display the colors are similar, along with my branding, even the font I use is the same.  Have you noticed my Blog has the same vintage feel ?    Details….

Attention to Detail 1

Right down to the hand painted vintage wooden hanger….yep, details….

Attention to Detail 3

Even the lead pencils…

Attention to Detail 2

Everything….. the small chalk board matches the large display chalk board, which matches the t-shirt, which matches the pencils….

Attention to Detail 4

I enjoy details…even in my paintings

Attention to Detail 5Attention to Detail 6

Notice the strings, it even has cross-hatching, look at the pine needles laying in the straw.  Yep, details….

I even include details in my colored pencil designs, notice the drips and wick…it’s all there….details.

Attention to Detail 7

Pay attention to details…whether it is creating a booth display, branding, designing or painting a pattern, setting a table for dinner or planting in your garden.

Details make a difference.


5 thoughts on “Attention to Detail

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  2. What a wonderful post… Loved it, Keep the posts coming. It is becoming increasingly more important for everyone that loves painting to keep as many connections with those that share the love of painting. Thank you for the wonderful suggestions. It makes one to want to take our creative skills to a higher level. The thought process puts creativity into action.

    Great Post!!!! Go girl, Della

    Sent from my iPad. Della Wetterman 5208 Lake Charles Drive Waco, Texas 76710 254.772.6927 254.772.6998. FAX


  3. Yes, I believe details do make a difference. I love details myself and it is amazing how you can get absorbed in one little item. I have to laugh at myself while saying this because when looking at your name ” Pencilin’ Peddler”, I read it as “Penicillin Peddler”. Yup that “detail thing” just went right out the door!!! Love your work, Amy!

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