My Gift to You – Gift Tag

My Gift to You

Holly and Berries Gift Tag Pattern, click on below image to open ‘your gift’, the supply list, instructions and line drawing to create this 15 minutes gift tag…..and Have a Merry Christmas


The 15 Minute Gift Tag Story……

Walter and Lettie are on their way out the door to visit their grandchildren.  Lettie is piling the gifts into Walters hands while they scurry about to find their coats, Sunday hats and gloves.  Walter said with excitement “Lettie, …the gift tags are missing, whom are the gifts for?”  At that moment, Lettie left Walter standing at the door, sprinted to her craft room and yelled “I will only be 15 minutes !!!!”….she gathered her pencils  and Classic Amy Joanne pattern and created the gift tags.  Lettie hurried back to the door, before Walter could even blink his eye and began placing the gift tags onto the gifts…..Thank goodness for Lettie’s Decorative Penciling skills……

Visit me, The Pencilin’ Peddler at the Tamaqua Community Arts Center, Sunday December 7th to create this gift tag.  Yours to keep….a make-it take-it 15 minutes gathering.

Merry Christmas

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