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It’s all in the Presentation….

Yep it is, well unless it is a cake that fell in the oven and no amount of icing could save it…then presentation is out the window and its all about the taste! (this happens to me every holiday…..ugh..)

This year I searched Pinterest for ideas on wrapping Christmas gifts…because presenting a beautiful gift is that much more exciting….being creative doesn’t end at the tip of my pencil or paintbrush.

I liked this natural gift wrapping from found on Pinterest


and added my own creative touches….how creative would I be if I just copied?

Winterberry from my garden….

gift wrap 3

a glitter and glitz gift tag….

gift wrap 4

black paper,  I just love the vintage chalkboard feel…. and bakers twine…

gift wrap 2
gift wrap

and that’s a wrap for 2014!

6 thoughts on “It’s all in the Presentation

  1. Beautiful Amy, love the black paper.

    1. Thanks Jane!

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