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The making of a pattern packet…take 1.

Long before designing for the Decorative Arts, I painted and painted and painted from many patterns and books…never really putting much thought into how they were created…not that I did not appreciate the artist behind it…it was just a given, I liked a design, I purchased the pattern and I painted…..

After many years of learning how to paint, what to paint on, why I have this passion and whom shall I ‘follow’….I started to experiment enlarging patterns, then maybe painting the design on a different surface, then changing the elements around, then using a bowl from one pattern and a candle from another…then I was on my way to painting/designing something on my own….20+ years in the making.

This is how my designs unfold into a pattern made with all my blood, sweat and tears (ok a little dramatic)…made especially for you!

It all starts with an idea rolling around in my head…I then head straight for my wood/tin stash to find the perfect piece….

A Decorative Art Pattern 3

I then sketch it out in my sketch book….you can see how well I can draw, this is where the blood, sweat and tears come in….

A Decorative Art Pattern 5
A Decorative Art Pattern 4

The next step is to size it up with the wood piece and start to draw it onto tracing paper…I make sure I have a ruler and a large eraser, always keeping my vision in my head…

A Decorative Art Pattern

Wohee…the hard part is over…but not the work!  I then decide on paint colors and begin to experiment and paint…all the while jotting notes down on scrap paper.

A Decorative Art Pattern 2

Those very notes will become VERY important in the end, I try to keep the best notes along the way, being aware to not get caught up in the painting and remembering to record- colors, techniques, brushes and tips.

The painting is complete and ready to photograph, from all angles and every direction!

Simple Goodness Tin Cake Pedestal
Simple Goodness Tin Cake Pedestal

Now…to start typing from those notes….I have to say this is my least favorite part.  You see, I have OCD and absolutely do not want to miss anything.  I know how important every detail is to a painter.  I have created a check list for myself to review after typing the instructions.

A Decorative Art Pattern 8

I check this list once, maybe twice and then I begin to create files to be saved, hard copy files and lots of copies for the instructions.  I copy the line drawing and order the photos, then put the packets together….stuff and seal, stuff and seal….(oh Amy, don’t forget to order those plastic bags and cover papers)

A Decorative Art Pattern 7

Ready for you to enjoy and paint!

I hope you enjoyed a little inside information about creating a Decorative Art pattern….please stop by my pattern pages, there are a couple of new creations!


Coming soon to Classic Amy Joanne Blog

The making of a workshop, the making of a pattern take 2, my apron collection, painting tags and string video, adding green to a blue room….and so much more!

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  1. brockelsie says:

    Lov this pattern. How can I order

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    1. Good Morning! Thank you for reading my post! The pattern is available thru this site on the pattern page. You are in luck, free shipping until April 15th! Please send an email to with the pattern name and shipping information. I will forward a paypal invoice for payment. You may also order thru, they have the pattern and the tin as well! Enjoy…..

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