Boxwood Green with Blue?

The interior of my home has been blue, specifically Sherman Williams ‘Rain’ for almost 10 years, the whole interior!  Blue walls, white trim, black hardware and mahogany floors.  To tell you the truth, I still love it, it’s classic.

But I was thinking…..

adding green to blue 5

I need an accent color….What about Green?  You know that perfect Boxwood Green from Miss Mustard Seed…..

Adding green to blue 4

Just like my passion for Decorative Painting….when I get an idea in my head for my Home, I run with it full speed ahead……. I will share all the bits and pieces (and purchases) along the way until the room is complete……who am I kidding, I mean rooms!

Adding Green to Blue

The Plan:

Toss pillows, you know the round crochet ones like nana used to have in green,

oh and those white curtains I purchased to match the white trim to brighten the room, they need an inside border to tie it all together,

oh wait….I need one of those dried boxwood wreaths for the new fire place surround,

and I am excited to share an ol’ table I just re-finished of course in Boxwood Green, see sample of leg below,

and, and, and…..stay tuned.

adding green to blue 3

So what do you think?  Go for it?

adding green to blue 2

3 thoughts on “Boxwood Green with Blue?

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