Jewelry and Decorative Art

Jewelry 1

I am fascinated with Hand Made jewelry and the Artisans who create it.

Jewelry 2Jewelry 3

                 I have managed to collect a lot of beautiful pieces thru the years, probably more than one person should.  I love piecing together my earrings, pins, necklaces, bracelets, and rings in the morning to coordinate with my outfits.

My collections mostly consist of 3 Artisan Jewelers whom I admire and look forward to seeing their new creations from show to show.  I have asked all 3 to create the jewels behind my decorative art pieces thru the years.

Bobbi of Bobbi Addictive Accessories created these beautiful necklaces for my hand painted brass lockets.  I purchased the brass lockets thru ETSY, sealed and sanded the surface for paint to adhere, painted my favorite designs (Shirley Wilson) and sealed again.  I knew Bobbi would complete the creation with the most awesome jewels!

Follow Bobbi’s schedule on her site….you don’t want to miss out on her vintage booth displays, amazing!

Jewelry 4Jewelry 5

Jewlry 12

Jewelry 13

I also admire the jewelry of Nancy Wallis of Wallis Designs.  Nancy creates beautiful vintage inspired pieces….stop by her site and see, it’s a must!  Nancy is from Canada, and shipping is crazy….but we managed to create 2 pieces together and they are both beautiful!

The first piece was published in PaintWorks magazine, Nancy added the chain to my eyeglasses and charm….how cool is that!

Jewelry 9

The next piece was created for a Colored Pencil Pattern (found on pattern page) and Workshops.  I shipped the pendant to Nancy and she created the necklace for the pendant and a matching pair of earrings!

Jewelry 10

Jewelry 11

And…… I was thinking (I do a lot of that)….I have this image in my head of how I want the world to see Classic Amy Joanne, whether thru social media, my blog, my patterns, and the Workshops I create.  I needed a necklace to finish off my look, you know, white top, black apron and a necklace with my logo……..and I knew whom I wanted to ask, Sarah of Jubilee Jewelry, her solder jewelry fascinates me….I would actually love to learn to solder one day, but for now I will leave this up to Sarah….she posts jewelry on facebook and I am right there watching for the next beautiful piece!

She created these amazing pieces with my Pencilin’ Peddler Logo!

Jewelry 7Jewelry 8


I also would like to show you a beautiful, beautiful…did I say beautiful?… piece I purchase from Decorative Artist Kerry TroutKerry is an amazing artist, she hand painted the pin and framed it with a vintage hoop earring, I am in love….

jewelry 6

There are many Decorative Artists that also design jewelry, to mention a few…

Rebecca Baer, Debbie Cole, Willow Wolfe, and Jane Allen !

You can find many purposes for Decorative Art….stretch your imagination and use your favorite patterns, create wearable Art!

8 thoughts on “Jewelry and Decorative Art

    • HI Kerry! Thank you for commenting, if you look in the post you are credited and if you hover over your name it will take you to your FB page! As a fellow Artist, it is always important to credit the Artist! 🙂

  1. Amy, it’s always so much fun to work with you. I love how you collaborate with different artists, combining your talent with theirs and resulting in such beautiful pieces. Thanks for including me with all these talented women…Nancy.

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