“….or we could just paint it!”

You see….. in our home I am not only a Decorative Artist with 30+ years of brushes, paint and supplies, but my husband Jerry and I are DIY’ers with all sorts of household paint and brushes, and Jerry by trade is an Auto Body Mechanic, he has 30+ years of paint, primers, fixatives, sealers, and spray guns…..so we are equipped and have the knowledge and experience to change or fix ANYTHING with paint!

So it should not be a surprise when I tell you that when we shop for anything I usually end the conversation before we walk away from an ‘iffy’ purchase by saying “….or we could just paint it!” …..insert eye roll from Jerry

We have changed iron tables, 2 brand new ceiling fans from steel grey to black, front and back doors, kitchen cabinets and countless pieces of new and vintage furniture to fit our décor, some several times, the list is endless.

Recently we have been adding new ‘touches’ to our landscaping.  We found a rocking set of birds at a local craft show thru Zum Anker Alley Shoppes in Lititz PA….www.zumankeralleyshoppes.com

painted bird 3

I looked beyond its rustic rusty paint (our outdoor metals are black iron)…and looked at my husband and said “….or we can just paint it!”….. SOLD.

My husband spray painted it black, I dry brushed it metallic silver…….Perfect!

painted bird 2

painted bird

 painted bird 8

…they make me smile every time the wind blows!  Would you believe they have never rocked off their stem!

Next up are 2 vintage grocery baskets….Jerry will spray them and I will make the finishing touches……

painted bird 9

Think outside the box and inside the paint can……


Blogs in the works –  scrapbook paper lined drawers and boxes, creating a fall basket/box tie on, updating an outdated photo (yikes), and so-SO much more…..

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