‘MARKETing’ Tote

I enjoy Marketing and Branding almost as much as I enjoy creating art and re-designing my home.

Shoppers Tote 10

In the late 1990’s I worked as a Manager at Bath and Body Works. What I loved most was the shop marketing, product branding and floor set changes.  To me presentation is everything and Bath and Body Works delivered…..We worked hard, long late hours, evening and weekends, but for me it was rewarding to see how a retail business wheels turned…..It didn’t matter if I made $1.00 or $100.00 an hour, I loved what I did. When new marketing arrived and newly branded products, even seasonal aprons…..it was exciting to me!

The skills I learned at Bath and Body Works are invaluable to me when creating the marketing for Classic Amy Joanne or designing my paintings or renovating my studio….

I talked a little about my ‘presentation’ (here), and recently added a new ‘mARkeT‘ Tote to the collection.  Marketing ‘Classic Amy Joanne’.

Shoppers tote 3  I carefully chose the design of the canvas tote by thinking about what a painter/penciler would need and then I designed the logo….the totes arrived, looking perfect.

But…..I just couldn’t leave it alone, I wanted to ‘Amy’ it, make it personal……So I began thinking again….How about a solid bottom and a tag to personalize it.

So I created…..a reversible wood bottom, one side is a chalkboard and the flip side is lined with paper (different designs), fits nicely on the bottom of the bag.

Shoppers Tote

Then I created the tag to match, a place to make it personal.

Shoppers Tote 2

shoppers tote 5

Shoppers Tote 8

Shoppers Tote 7

The ‘mARkeT Tote’ is available thru Workshops or send me a message thru FaceBook $15.00 each

Interested in how I created the lined bag bottoms?  How-To coming soon to this blog !


I came upon a quote today on a blog…..I just love it

No one is better at being you’er than you…..so go forth and be YOU !  Dr Seuss

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