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Decorative Art is an amazing Art form….We can paint on any surface, from new wood to vintage tin cans, to brass lockets, to slate roofing, to paper, to furniture, to glass jars….just about anything!

The skills and knowledge of our Art form is very useful when decorating our homes, serving our guests or needing a special handmade personal gift……

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When designing for the Decorative Arts I typically like to paint or pencil on useful items, bentwood carriers, keepsake boxes, cake pedestals and lazy susans, baskets and candy jars, to name a few.  I also try to include a bonus idea using the same pattern….for example the pencil designs, ‘Cherry Delight’ and Cherry Delight II’ have instructions that included ideas for framing, plus a cake pedestal, a book cover and a book marker……

Everyone once in a while I like to throw in a decorative display item, like this tin scoop from Della,


This piece, I consider more decorative than useful, but has become one of my favorite pieces to paint…..because it is so gift-able!

For the candle lover…..

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For the bear collector….

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For vintage finds for a vintage friend…

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To introduce someone to ‘Classic Amy Joanne’….(insert wink)

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For the gardener in your life…..

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and for Merry Making….

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What ever the reason or season…..Decorative Art skills and knowledge (to me) are more useful and creative than any other Art form…..From useful items to decorating to gift giving.

The pattern shown is called ‘Bear Love’ and will be available at HOOT 2015 Convention thru Della’s Folk Art Tin Booth.  Please stop by and say Hello, I would love to share how I made a shiny piece of tin look like a chalkboard…..The pattern will be available after HOOT 2015 thru this site, and Della Wetterman.

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What are you painting today….a decorative display, a useful serving piece or a special gift?

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