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HOOT 2015 Decorative Painting Convention is almost here and the new book release

Della Wetterman presents Celebrating Fall with Friends !

Hoot 3

Turn to page 33, you will find a project I designed for you called ‘Owliver’.  Owliver is painted on a bentwood carrier and is pictured with a key tie-on with-in the pages.

Notice the design itself has a grouping of skeleton keys from the wing, I created the tie-on to compliment this part of the design using actual skeleton keys

As promised, I would like to share with you the bonus project to create this tie-on.

Owliver Keys 3


Owliver Keys 7
Owliver Keys 5
Owliver Keys 4

The keys are from Tim Holtz Idea-o-logy Collection.  I created One Key as Owliver, One Key with a chalk message and one key with scrapbooking paper, the same scrapbooking paper lines the inside of the carrier.  It all relates to the piece……

Adding a few actual skeleton keys when completed would be awesome!

Owliver Keys 10
Owliver Keys 8

 The key tie-on can easily be removed and added to a fun fall basket as well.

Click on below image for a ‘free’ pattern.

Owliver Keys 1

I enjoyed being a part of this journey with 9 other talented Decorative Art Designers….


5 thoughts on “Owliver Key Tie-On – Bonus Project

  1. ali says:

    Hi, I was just at NET and bought Della’s book because of your project-love it. I do have a question about the stencil you used on the tag. What is it (I don’t know what I’m looking for on the small picture)? I went onto the CatsLife website but could not find 869B but I did find it (I think) 869E is that what you used? ty

    1. Oh my gosh you are Sweet….Thank you for purchasing the book! The stamp I used is 869E (my apologies for the mis-print in the book, my error)….I used the bottom portion of the stamp by placing a wash of Soft Black onto my palette, then stamped into the Soft Black just like you would an ink pad, then stamped onto the tag. I was carful not to get paint on the ‘owls’ on the stamp. Then above the stamping, I painted 2 round circles with dots in for Owl eyes, and a triangle underneath for the Owl nose…then an swooshed in a line…. I hope this is helpful….please share your finished piece!

  2. Joyce Matsuno says:

    Viking Woodcrafts on-line says they do not have a Brides Box Oval Carry all 325-0045 could it be under another number? Or how large is the box

    1. HI Joyce,

      I have you received my email. The # is 25-0045 thru Viking Woodcrafts! Viking would love to help you locate it. Please let me know if you need more info, always happy to help! Thank you,Amy

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