What to do with all that Scrapbooking Paper!

I am not a ‘scrapbooker’, never was,  but by the looks of my scrapbook paper pile you would think I was…..

Scrapbook 1

I am drawn to the paper isles in any craft or scrapbooking store….and always seem to leave with a magical # of 5 pieces of each pattern I like…not sure why, but 5 should be enough to complete any project I may come across, so the creative side of my brain tells me!

The cart is always before the horse……the paper is always purchased before the project idea!

I thought I would share a few projects I have created with scrapbooking paper, since I am not a traditional ‘scrapbooker’….

One of my favorites is to line boxes, specifically hand painted bentwood boxes.  This is a nice personalized addition to the inside. The paper can relate to the painting or to whom you are creating the box for….

scrapbook 11

scrapbook 5

I have also lined the inside of basket lids…..

scrapbook 8

and decorative tin containers that I have hand painted….

scrapbook 2

I also use scrapbooking paper to add a decorative touch to furniture drawers.  Why purchase the ‘oh-hum’ standard drawer liners when you can create your own….


scrapbook 7

and on the outside

(yes Mom, I know that is a lot of Yankee tarts….. but boy does that drawer smell good !)

scrapbook 6

I have also lined the bottom of a canvas tote….see post (here)

scrapbook 4

I also create patterns using scrapbooking paper, like this cute tray, penciled, painted and lined with paper….

Santa’s Treats pattern coming soon with template to line with paper…..

scrapbook 3

The only supplies needed to line any surface with scrapbooking paper is a ruler, scissors or favorite cutter, DecoArt Decoupage and a brush…

scrapbook 10

I hope this encouraged you to start sorting thru your paper stack and finding a surface to line!

Reply and share your creative uses with scrapbooking paper…..


Coming soon to this blog…..a creative ‘vintage’ use with scrapbooking paper and a soup can…stay tuned!

scrapbook 9


6 thoughts on “What to do with all that Scrapbooking Paper!

    • Hi Carol ! Yes Modge Podge can be used, but I find Deco Art Decoup-Paige so much easier to use, it is not as sticky when using, drys faster and stays in place! I only use it to adhere and not on top of the paper, that being said some ends up on the top near the edges, but it dries clear! Hope this is helpful! Thanks

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