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Autumn Pom-Pom Garland

This garland is simple and in-expensive, it adds a fun whimsical touch of color to an Autumn Vignette

Gather the supplies…..

pom pom 7

Furniture Wax (or any glue), Pom-Poms from Michael’s Craft Store, DMC Floss to match, Needle for threading and Scissors…..

pom pom 3

Create the Pom-Pom Garland….

Open the DMC Floss, un-fold, then dip your index finger into wax or glue and run the floss (all layers) between your index finger and thumb….let dry, this step will help the floss stay together and not separate.  When dry, thread the needle with the floss and pierce thru the center of each pom-pom.  When you have reached the desired length, and arranged the pom-poms, cut the end and knot both ends next to each pom-pom.

…add to your Autumn Vignette

Pom Pom 1
pom pom 4
pom pom 5

Enjoy creating!


Did you notice the doll cradle?  What an awesome find on my last ‘antiquing’ trip!

I will share more on my Autumn Décor, Antiquing Trips, and some fun names of pumpkins in upcoming blog posts…..stay tuned!

pom Pom 6

4 thoughts on “Autumn Pom-Pom Garland

  1. Your garland looks great, love how you have it draped over your branches.

    1. Thank you Jane….loved creating it and adding it to the vignette!

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