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As Decorative Artists we cannot get enough patterns, books, surfaces, brushes, paint, etc, etc, etc, I know you know what I am saying….

And over the years we gather quite the collection of ‘stuff’ with good intentions of painting each and every surface from each and every pattern.

I see you nodding your head and rolling your eyes….

We end up with a collection that looks something like this….or better.

A Decorative Art Pattern 3

So, what do we do with all those surfaces?  Some are purchased with a pattern in mind and some are purchased just because we liked the surface….

Well…..A few of my creative friends have figured it out…they choose a favorite pattern and matched it up to a favorite surface, making the painting uniquely theirs from their current stash!

That is what is nice about Decorative Art patterns.  A pattern can be painted on any surface….no limits!

I would like to share what my creative friends have shared with me….

The below acrylic pattern is called Santa’s Treats, designed and painted  on a small tin cake pedestal.

Hoot 2015 2

  Denise Massey-Guillen painted the same pattern on a wooden box to hold her super sweet Christmas trees

Surfaces DGG

 If you are a member of Tole Painters Unite on FaceBook you may have seen Denise’s beautiful paintings and her sweet trees.  They just make you smile when you see them…..Denise’s creations can be found on Ebay, at, she is the owner of Country Creations by Denise.

          Next is an acrylic pattern designed and painted on wooden gift tags, called, ‘From Gift to Tree’

from gift to tree 015

Judy Armstrong enlarged the design and painted it on small breadboards….

Surface - Judy Armstrong

 Great for gift giving,  Love em’ Judy!  Judy has the breadboards listed on Etsy,, Be sure to stop by for a visit!

Hoot 3

Next is an acrylic pattern called ‘Owliver’, designed and painted on a bentwood carrier. Owliver can be found in the pages of my first book publication with 8 other amazing artists….Celebrating Fall with Friends.

Wait until you see this unique surface by Charleen Ruffel….I just love it, a bowling pin!  Owliver looks fantastic!

Surface - Charlene Ruffel

Thanks Charleen for sharing your unique style and awesome painting!  Charleen shares her work thru Tole Painters Unite on Facebook.

And finally, Pantry Sweets, an acrylic pattern designed and painted on a Pesky Bear basket lid

Pantry Sweets

I asked Lynn Smith Barbadora if she would do a step by step painting of Pantry Sweets on her blog and FB page.  She generously accepted.

She chose a vintage griddle from an antiquing trip….I just love vintage finds

Surface - Lynn Smith Barbadora

Stunning and Beautiful Lynn!  Can I tell you how much I love this surface?  Visit Lynn thru FaceBook or her Blog Painting Thyme Needfuls…, for step by step photos of her progress on this piece.  Lynn also shared her home and studio space, beautiful!


So what surface and favorite pattern do you have waiting for you now that my creative friends have inspired you?

Patterns shown can be purchased thru this site, pattern page.  Owliver, Celebrating Fall with Friends book can be purchased thru Viking Woodcrafts.

6 thoughts on “Creative Friends & Fun Surfaces

  1. Donna Enoch says:

    Wonderfully creative !

    1. Thank you Donna!

  2. lbarbadora says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to paint one of your fabulous designs Amy ! I had so much fun painting this piece. While I have sometimes painted a pattern packet using the “suggested” surface more often than not I prefer to paint on “found pieces” from thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales etc. When we as Artists think “outside the box” to choose a surface to paint on we truly do make it OOAK (one of a kind). I like my surface to somehow have something in common with the design that I am going to paint. When I found the old griddle I knew immediatley that it would be perfect for Pantry Sweets for a few reasons : (1) the ROUND SHAPE was consistent with the round painted scale (2) the METAL SUFACE of the griddle would compliment the metal pan the gingers are in. (3) I knew I could hang this piece and use the HANDLE to hold a towel. I chose a RED STRIPE towel to tie in the candy canes, berries and red scale. I will be posting my progress pictures of this project on my blog soon. They can currently be seen on my FB Page : Painting Thyme Needfuls.

    1. Thank you Lynn…..I just love your thought process and your eye for design and detail! Glad we are painting friends!

  3. Great post Amy, I think painting on a different surface is also the beginning of designing.

    1. Thanks Jane…love how our passion for decorative art evolves over time!

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