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Merry Christmas

As a young girl it was fun to receive Christmas Cards in the mail…….wondering whom was thinking of us and catching up on news from distant friends and family.  In the early 70’s we did not have cell phones, computers, social media, texting or even long- distance.  The traditional Christmas Card was vintage social media.

When Christmas Cards arrived some folks, like my husbands family, would tape them along their doorways and staircases, it was a familiar scene in a lot of homes.  In our home my Mom created a card keeper for our cards, it was a coffee can wrapped in green yarn with plastic holly and berries to adorn the top.

This is my version of our vintage style card holder……

card keeper 11

Gather the supplies….

A large soup or coffee can, favorite scrapbooking paper, decou-paige by Deco Art, brush, scissors, clothspins, safety pin and matching yarn.

Card Keeper 1

 First cut the paper to fit the outside and inside of the can.  Then  generously cover these areas with deco-paige from Deco Art, using a brush. Then position the paper in place, smooth with your hands and place clips to hold until dry.

When dry wrap the yarn around the can one time and tie on the inside.  Continue to wrap until completely covered.  What is nice about the paper underneath is it can peak thru the yarn, adding a little something special. oh…. the possibilities!  Yet, another use for scrapbooking paper.

card keeper 4

After the wrapping is finished I added a few pom-poms.  These pom-poms can be addicting….they would look pretty adorning a Christmas gift.

To create the pom-pom gather the yarn around 2 or 3 fingers depending on the desired size, wrap many times, the more you wrap the fuller the pom-pom.  Then gather in the center and tie tightly.  Leave some long ties hang.

Next cut the ends and fluff.

card keeper 7
card keeper 8

Aren’t they the sweetest…..

Then simply pin the long ties to the inside of the can with a small safety pin.

 insert cards thru loops on the outside….

card keeper 12

and it’s finished!

This card keeper can also be used to display your favorite keepsake cards of the past, home-made cards, wedding cards, baby-shower cards and so on…Choose your favorite paper and yarn for the occasion.

card keeper 11
card keeper 13
card keeper 14

The above image has a favorite card mailed to me from Jane Allen of Jane Allen Creates , Jane had this card printed using one of her wonderful whimsical designs, what an awesome fun way to share our Art.

card keeper 15


I had this post in mind for this evening and while visiting one of my favorite antique shops today, Tink’s Antiques,  I spotted another vintage card holder and had to purchase it to show all of you…..

card keeper 16

 Is Vintage and Tradition fun or what ?!?!?!?

Do you still write and mail traditional Christmas Cards?

One thought on “Faux-Vintage Christmas Card Holder

  1. What a cute idea, your mom is also very cleaver, who gets it from who? Loved seeing my Christmas card. Thank you my friend.

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