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Log Cabin 10

I had a plan….I always have a plan and then my wheels turn in my head and I get more ideas and I make bigger plans….the ideas come in like a roaring waterfall, not like a dripping faucet! 

My plan was set for a few blog posts for the Christmas season…and then I went to Michael’s Craft Store and spotted this wood log cabin for $9.99 and the wheels started turning around in my head about featuring this little home on a ‘how-to post and creating the vignette’…..the blog post was finished in my head before I reached the check-out lane…and my plan got bigger.

Can I be the only person who has this problem ???

So lets create a Log Cabin Vignette…. gather the supplies…..

DecoArt paints, a few brushes, burnt umber oil paint, thinner, Miss Mustard Seed german glass glitter, an old metal washer, scrapbooking paper, DecoArt Deco-paige, DecoArt matte sealer, DecoArt glitter varnish, white colored pencil, etc

Paint the exterior of the log cabin with DecoArt Dark Chocolate and then drybrush Milk Chocolate, Raw Sienna and less of Camel.   Paint the chimney Heritage Brick and add random rectangles with Delane’s Dark Flesh.  Paint the roof with Chalk Board Black paint and drybrush, Graphite and Neutral Grey.

 Antique with Burnt Umber oil paint and thinner using  Maxine Thomas’s, antiquing method…(rub on-wipe off), do not antique on the roof.

After letting this dry for 24 hours, Add a message to the rooftop with White Colored Pencil!  Use your imagination…’Welcome Home’ would be  nice.

Lightly spray log cabin with DecoArt Matte Sealer.

Let the fun begin…..add the glitter!  Brush a layer of DecoArt glitter varnish – only to the areas you would like the glitter to stick and then sprinkled MMS german glass glitter – snow white.  I added this to the edges of the roof, chimney, window sills and floor.

log cabin 7

I wanted to hang a wreath in the doorway….I even purchased one of those small doll house wreaths from Michael’s…but it looked to ‘new’….I then remembered how much I loved a necklace I purchased from Barbara Holmes made from a simple ‘metal washer’ and I knew it would make a perfect wreath!

I stole a washer from my husbands work bench and added scrapbooking paper to both sides by using deco-paige, let it dry then cut the paper around it to fit.  I added a bit of glitter to the bottom. Hammer a nail above the door, and hang the wreath!

log cabin 8
log cabin 14

I then played with all kinds of fun pieces to create a welcoming vignette with my newly created log cabin!

A toy car from my husbands childhood, Company is coming….

log cabin 12

Vintage Bottle Brush Trees….thank you Tink’s Antiques….

log cabin 13

Oh…and those barnyard animals….couldn’t help myself, birds eye view and all….

log cabin 9
log cabin 17
log cabin 11

and Santa on wheels….because why not ?!?!

log cabin 16

This vignette can adorn any shelf, side table or mantel….I love to also use my photos of vignettes to create original Christmas Cards!

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Create a one of a kind vignette

Merry Christmas


Still to come a $2.00 handmade and homemade Christmas gift, 2016 wrapping idea, Christmas Vignettes, and more!

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