I leave the wrapping up to my husband…….well at least the paper wrapping part.  I love of course to dream up and create gift wrap toppers and tie-ons and tags and ribbons….but the paper part, I am just flat-out not good at it.  I waste more than I use and I either come up to short or have to much paper and way to much tape….my Grandmother would always tape the box too…..boy that tape was strong stuff way back then, I think it could have held back the vault door in a bank! 

Anyway….dreaming up and creating the gift wrap for Christmas each year is fun and I just love a good presentation (aka beautifully wrapped gift), it’s much more exciting to open the gift!

This year I searched Pinterest for inspiration and found this cute idea using beads to create a snowman….and then added my own little touches.

present 2

We wrapped each gift in black chalkboard paper and homespun plaids, wrapped string around the gift a few times, then added simply painted snowman beads with different scarf options.

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Baker’s twine, green velvet ribbon and chalkboard ribbon name tags for the scarf.

present 5present 4

All wrapped up and ready to present….

present 6present 3

and that’s a wrap for 2015!

Last years wrapping, (click here).

Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas!

Gift Idea Tree 2015

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  1. lbarbadora says:

    Love , Love , Love that idea!

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