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Surface - Lynn Smith Barbadora

One of the best parts of being a Decorative Artist is the friendships I have made thru Chapters, Seminars, Classes, Conventions; even E-mails and FaceBook Groups over the past 28 years…. lasting wonderful friendships!

Lynn of Painting Thyme Needfuls, and I have never met in person but are connected thru Decorative Art.  We have a kinship with similar taste and style with our paintings, blogs and home style.  We have that Decorative Painting bond…’s like glue.

Our friendship actually started on FaceBook, I came across her beautiful work on Tole Painters Unite.  Lynn was posting a step by step guide to paint a beautiful Kim Hogue design, I was instantly drawn in and she had so many beautiful comments…..I quickly requested her friendship!

And then I was thinking…..I wonder if Lynn would paint a design that I have created and post a step by step guide?  I hesitated, thinking I was being forward to ask, and I thought , and thought and thought about it and then I  thought again…….why not ask? ….. and forwarded a message to Lynn,  she graciously accepted and chose the acrylic pattern Pantry Sweets.

Pantry Sweets Basket
Pantry Sweets Basket

Lynn finds the most awesome surfaces and picked a vintage griddle for Pantry Sweets….and painted and painted and painted!

You may find Lynn’s blog (here).  A step by step guide to painting Pantry Sweets….and a wonderful blog to follow.

Surface - Lynn Smith Barbadora

Gathering with folks whom have the same interests, creates wonderful lasting friendships, whether it be knitting, ceramics, painting or a book club!  Find a hobby today, you will find a friend.

Thank you Lynn for your friendship and sharing your beautiful paintings, you inspire all of us with every brush stroke!

Kindred Spirits thru Decorative Art


Pantry Sweets pattern can be found under the pattern tab thru top menu.

One thought on “Decorative Art Friendships…..

  1. lbarbadora says:

    Thank you Amy! It was my pleasure to paint Pantry Sweets! I just love your designs…….it certainly won’t be the last one I paint of yours!

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