Marian’s Gingerbread House

Marian’s Gingerbread House Acrylic Painting

Marians Gingerbread House 3

The inspiration for Marian’s Gingerbread House Breadboard Painting, that I have created for the Acrylic Painting Club, is from a post from Marian’s Blog, Miss Mustard Seed.

I follow Marian’s Blog, I love her style, her paint line, her décor, her studio……………….just about everything.

I just adored Marian’s blog post Here about creating her first Gingerbread House and the homespun simplicity of it, it inspired me to want to capture that in an acrylic painting. I reached out to Marian to ask if I could paint her Gingerbread House from a photo on her blog post and she graciously accepted. Marian also collects vintage breadboard, this was the inspiration behind painting the design on a breadboard.


This is the image from Marian’s Blog Post……do you notice the breadboard?

Homespun Yummy Goodness


and this is my acrylic creation….

MMS Gingerbread House

I added juniper berries and greens to the painting.  When visiting Marian’s blog post you will notice her décor has the juniper berries and green wrapped thru her home décor.

I also included blue baker’s twine…my favorite and Marian’s as well.

Marian's Gingerbread House

I have chosen to photograph the painting with my collection of ironstone, another love of Marian’s……it all relates.

Marian's Gingerbread House 2

I would like to invite you to paint Marian’s Gingerbread House Breadboard with me!

Join me and many talented Artists thru the Acrylic Painting Club (session 4), for 30 projects, and 45 patterns, Marian’s Gingerbread House being one of the projects.  Registration begins April 1st.  Classes are available July 1, 2016 thru June 30, 2017!

Click on below image to discover, learn and join us!

Marians Gingerbread House 3

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Homespun Breadboard is available thru Classic Amy Joanne on the ‘4 Sale’ tab.


Stay tuned for posts on paint and pencil art, home style and all things creative!

If you are joining us for the first time….enter your email address for instant blog updates…and Thank you for being my creative friend!

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