Party Favors

Party Favors!

craft project 8

There are certain events in our lives that party favors are a tradition to give guests as a Thank You; baby showers, wedding showers and birthday parties to name a few.

I remember as a young girl waiting for my Mom to come home from a wedding shower with the shower favor to give to my sisters and I….they were usually soft colored mints in tulle netting, and yes we anxiously awaited to receive it….and yes, we shared!

We have come a long way since those earlier days of simply made favors from the dime store.  Today we have many choices and products available to us to create.  

And let us not forget the creative information highway….Pinterest for ideas! 

craft project 7

I am not sure about you…but I love shopping ETSY for supplies, vintage items and hand crafted wares from fellow Artists. 

I found a fun shop thru Etsy, In The Clear.  I purchase my packaging supplies for my Pencilin’ Peddler business from In the Clear, but they have way so much more…..paper straws, cupcake papers, boxes, tins, washi tape, and my favorite…. baker’s twine!


Click on the link below to their shop….it is worth a visit!

The supplies to create this fun party favor are purchased thru In The Clear, the baker’s twine, the tin and the washi tape.

Other supplies needed are scraps of scrapbooking paper, a pencil and scissors!

It is fun to match up the colors of the scrapbooking paper, the baker’s twine and the washi tape to fit the party!

craft project 1

To create, I traced and cut a piece of scrapbooking paper to fit the bottom of the tin. 

Since I was using the Free Gift Tag from my last post (here) , I wanted to match the scrapbooking paper to this….I found black and white script writing paper, chalkboard paper, and fun colored paper….the chalkboard paper was the most fun….I distressed it with chalk and wrote a message.  Chalkboard Art , it’s my thing!

craft project 5

I then placed the ‘matching’ washi tape around the bottom portion of the tin.

craft project 3

I then placed a few fun pieces of candy in the tin, placed the lid on and wrapped the top portion of the lid with baker’s twine.

Don’t forget to add a gift tag….. 

Can you imagine the possibilities to create party favors with these few simple items?

craft project 6

craft project 8

Don’t tell….but this might be my Christmas Party Favor…

Christmas colored baker’s twine, Christmas scrapbooking paper and a new Chalk Art Christmas Gift Tag, with a homemade cookie tucked inside.….oh boy! ö


This is not a paid post by In The Clear, just love their products!

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