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Holly Jolly Santa

Holly Jolly Santa 5 (2)

For the past 8 months I felt like I have been riding a tilt-a-whirl.  Spinning fast, reaching the top, spinning again and spinning round and round…..

You see, I have been preparing for the HOOT Convention in Columbus OH while working my 9-5, painting furniture at Tink’s Antiques and teaching at the Tamaqua Community Arts Center….and so on and so on.

Holly Jolly Santa 7

While planning for HOOT, I knew I needed to complete 5 acrylic paintings for a co-authored book with Jane Allen of, but I also wanted to have new pattern packets too, Holly Jolly Santa is one of them!   A booth is always it’s best with new products and patterns to share…..

Holly Jolly Santa 1

What you see was not my first intention for this piece of wood.  I had my favorite local wood cutter (Thank you Austin….) cut a sample Santa from wood to design a Classic Chalk Art pattern for our Community Art Center…..but he turned into an acrylic pattern in no-time and He sure is cute!

The ideas just kept coming as I continued to paint…..the belt buckle came out of no where, as did the elf in the pocket!

I used Glamour Dust Paint by DecoArt Americana and sprinkled his shoulders and boots with snow like glitter!

Holly Jolly 2
Holly Jolly Santa 4

The back of Holly Jolly Santa is done in my favorite Chalk Board style…..

Holly Jolly Santa 3

Holly Jolly Santa has become a popular fella! He will be appearing at a beginner Decorative Art Workshop on November 19th, 2016 at the Tamaqua Community Arts Center, Tamaqua PA

He is also available as a pattern $8.00.  Wood cut-out is $10.00.  Drop me an email at to purchase

PS – the wood Santa shown was cut from scrap lumber as my sample….wood you will be purchasing is smooth and no graining!

Holly Jolly Santa 1


A note about my blog/site and purchasing!  I do not have an official shopping cart for my site…why you ask?  Well, I try to pass the savings onto you and onto me, keeping it simple.  I can keep the costs lower and offer specials and save time if I ask you to email me your purchase…..I simply create a Paypal invoice for payment.  Payment can be paid thru your Paypal, via check or telephone with credit card #. Shipment will be made the day of payment.


I sure had fun at HOOT with my booth mates, Wendy Young, Jane Allen and our hubbys!  I will be sure to post more soon…..

8 thoughts on “Holly Jolly Santa

  1. Joyce Ferkler says:

    I would like to purchase the Holly Jolly Santa. I have pay pal account 21015 Thanks

    1. Hi Joyce! I will send you an email!
      Thank you,

  2. JUDITH NELSON says:

    Hi, Amy: I’d like to order Holly Jolly Santa…Pattern and wood. My name is Judy Nelson, Thank you, Judy

    Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2016 01:38:12 +0000 To:

    1. Thank you Judy!

  3. Love this guy, the elf and buckle make it!

    1. Thank you Jane….he was fun to create!

  4. lbarbadora says:

    I can’t wait to get my book, patterns and surfaces! The brushes will be flying!

    1. You are sweet Lynn! Thank you!

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