Mirror Mirror….Mirror

Mirror Mirror on the wall I am my Mother after all…..so I have been told.

Not such a bad thing, right Mom ?

Mirror Mirror 1111

My Mom, my bestie  ….. 2 peas on a pod (or 11 peas in our family pod, lol)

Mirror Mirror 111

…..we laugh together until we cry about our crazy adventures and happenings….

Mirror Mirror 11 (2)

We talk every night…..endlessly…

Mirror Mirror 111111

We have the same sense of humor, the same expressions, the same features and the same….relatives, oh boy!

Mirror Mirror 1111

This is for you Mom…..

Thank you….for always leading by example, showing us what a good life looks like and knowing it is ok to laugh at ourselves….and our relatives.

Mirror Mirror 111

Enjoy this Classic Chalk Art Pattern, because of Mom, designed for you to create!

Click on the below image for a free pattern


Like what you see?  Visit the pattern page for additional Classic Chalk Art !


Classic Chalk Art was originally created for a Workshop at our local Community Art Center in Tamaqua Pa. We call the Workshop – Chalk and Chew, it supports our local art center, a local wood cutter, inspires art and connections in our community, and we get to enjoy a dessert from a local bakery (hence the ‘chew’)!  We enjoy this Workshop every-other month, on special holidays and is open to private parties.

Classic Chalk Art is designed to look like chalk on a chalkboard using wood, paint, colored pencils and pastels.

Classic Chalk Art can also be seen in the 2016 Art Play Date on-line course and the 2016 Multi- Artist Mixed-Media Christmas Decorative Art Book……coming yet this year is Classic Colored Chalk Art and in 2017 a video! 

Keep visiting…..

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