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Glitter Houses…Classic Chalk Art Style!


My Friend, Jane Allen, of Jane Allen Creates introduced me to Glitter Houses thru her blog click (here), what fun these are to create! 

It makes a great project for a gathering of friends…everyone can personalize their own….makin’ it yours!

Makin’ it Classic…..

Since deep rich colors and chalkboard art appeal to me, I set out to create my own glitter houses using the Classic Chalk Art I have come to love.


…and would like to share with you a few simple steps to create Glitter Houses, Chalk Art Style

Gather your supplies ~ Paper Mache Houses, DecoArt Paint in Chalkboard Black, Starlight Varnish, Graphite, Neutral Grey, Country Red or Holly Green, and Light Buttermilk; basic painting supplies, Elmer’s glue, Dimond Dust Glitter or favorite glitter, White Prismacolor Pencil and embellishments such as wreaths, baker’s twine, vintage train yard figurines, etc.

Begin by painting the outside and inside of the house in Country Red or Holly Green or your color of choice.

Paint the roof and the back wall of the inside of the house Chalkboard Black.  Drybrush the roof and back wall, Graphite then Neutral Grey to give it that worn chalkboard feel.

Paint snow on the roof and base of the house, Light Buttermilk.

Paint Starlight Varnish on the roof…to give it that added sparkle!

Then create a design on the back wall of the inside of the house with a White PrismaColor Pencil…..this is a fun surprise!  Remember to keep it simple….you are working upside down with your hand squished in a box!

Click (here) for a free pattern to create the gingers in a bowl as shown below.

 Wouldn’t this be fun to personalize the house as a gift….maybe chalk a welcome sign for a new home, a teddy bear for first time parents or how about for an engagement, slip the ring inside the house and write on the back wall ‘please say I do’, would be a nice keepsake… creative, make it yours.


Next is the fun part…..apply glue with a brush to the outside of the house in sections and drop the glitter onto the house and snow top……then let dry.  Remember you are working with glass glitter….be careful!


Then embellish to your hearts content….trees, berries, wreaths, fencing, deer, baker’s twine (of course)…..etc.


Oh…and add the Classic Chalk Art Vintage Car from ‘Bringing Home the Tree’ pattern!


adding ‘warm’ battery operated fairly lights look amazing next to the glitter and help light up the inside…..for that unexpected fun chalkboard wall…. 




Let’s be friends on FaceBook …..share your glitter creations!


Keep watching…coming soon to the blog, Making the Glitter Houses Gift-able!  Homespun, Handmade and Heartfelt 2016!

4 thoughts on “Classic Chalk Art Glitter Houses

  1. lbarbadora says:

    Thank you so much for the inspiration to make these MAGICAL houses Amy!

  2. Darlene Ferrier says:

    you not only did a house but a whole village!

    1. lots of red and green houses scattered about Tamaqua Pa !

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