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Gift Wrap – It’s all in the Presentation

I do love my Chalkboard Art (and a good presentation)! 

There are no boundries….my wrapping is even created with Chalkboard paper.

This time I am pairing it with homespun and hand stamped tissue paper with a custom stamp design, adding a warm wool yarn, baker’s twine and a keepsake chalkboard tag .

It all relates to each other… you see?



…and a sneak peek at my new Rubber Stamp line coming soon…..(when I finalize the details I will keep you all in the know).


and a gift for you…...

A Holly Classic Chalk Art Pattern…. for all your likes, comments, encouragement, inspiration, followings, taking classes and seminars, visiting our booth at Hoot, your purchases, sharing your creations on Facebook, emails, and for being my creative friends……You are all so much appreciated !

Click below and Enjoy



and this is a sneak peek at the next blog post…Homespun, Handmade, Homemade and Heartfelt…..2016.


A Tree Wrap


I wanted to create a tree ‘wrap’ for under our tree.  I do have a beautifully made tree ‘skirt’ made by my mother’s hands….but wanted something a little more country vintage and in my mind I wanted to ‘wrap’ the tree, not skirt it.

I purchased a vintage army blanket from WW2 from Etsy  for this purpose and then visited Kay of my favorite shop, Homespun Woolens in Hereford PA for the perfect hand-dyed wool to cooridinate. 

When describing my idea to Jane Allen and Kay of Homespun Woolens….they both encouraged me to create a tree skirt, giving me directions and a line drawing….but my vision was for a ‘tree wrap’, not a ‘tree skirt’…sometimes it is hard to describe what your creative mind has come up with. 

So I created on my own. With no sewing skills.  Amy Style.


ta-da… is perfect.  Just as I envisioned.

Now….to come up with a plan for my tree skirt from my Mom.



If you’re searching for other inspirational wrapping ideas, click below for ‘It’s All in the Presentation 2015’….you will even see my Mom’s tree skirt in a few images!

It’s All in the Presentation 2015

Have a Merry Christmas!

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  1. Sweet idea, I always love holly

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