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Those sweet simple gifts given to a neighbor, a friend, a co-worker, your hair-stylist, a newspaper boy or post lady….are best when handmade and homemade and heartfelt.

Create a handmade gift box and add homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies…I am sure this will be heartfelt and full of homespun charm too!


Create this Classic Chalk Art gift box with just a few simple supplies and steps

A cardboard house gift box (found at craft store), DecoArt black chalkboard, graphite and neutral grey paints, and a white Prismacolor pencil! (…and a ruler and a few paintbrushes too).

Paint the box first in chalkboard paint then drybrush with graphite and neutral grey paint.

Then with a ruler , your white pencil and a little imagination ~ create a fun house design!  There are so many ways to personalize this gift ~ give it a try!

Preparing and presenting the gift is most fun to me….I to coordinate my packaging!

I added tissue paper with a hand stamped cookie design (….sigh, my very own design), then added oatmeal chocolate cookies tied up with baker’s twine (because what else would I use)….and added a handmade Classic Chalk Art gift tag to match the box and tissue paper, as well.


The Classic Amy Joanne rubber stamp line will be available in 2017 (hopefully) and the gift tag pattern will be available in Classic Chalk Art and Acrylic with 3 different designs.


I cannot wait to share with my friends and neighbors my little chalkboard and glitter houses too…..homespun and heartfelt!

What have you created this year for gifts?


Hope all of your Sweet Christmas Wishes come true

Merry Christmas!

10 thoughts on “Handmade, Homemade and Heartfelt 2016….and a little Homespun too

  1. Arianna Box says:

    Amy, what do you use to seal the chalk so it doesn’t smear? Thank you. I love these houses and so many ideas are popping up in my head.

    1. Hi Arianna! These houses are so cute! I actually created them with colored pencil (white) and not chalk so there is no erasing or smearing. You can also spray seal with matte spray varnish if desired. I will be creating a blog post next week on my ‘Chalk Art’ method, this might be helpful….stay tuned and Thank you! Idea, Ideas, Ideas, please share!

  2. Linda says:

    Love I am always looking for a different way to give a gift and love it to handmade and heart felt Thank for sharing

    1. Thank you Linda! I love creating hand-made to share with all my creative friends!

  3. Love the bakery house

    1. Thank you Jane….these houses are fun!

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