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New Year’s arrival is a typical time to create to-do lists, set goals, make plans, set forth to organize and dare to dream a little!

We see things that worked, that didn’t work and we can improve on.


GOD, he laughs at my plans….

  I don’t plan for the journey…EVER.  I start with an idea and want the end results right away…… I don’t plan on the journey, the middle part, the important part…..and He laughs and laughs and laughs.  He always has my best interest in mind and knows better…His plans for my life are bigger than I can even imagine.

I am speaking mostly about my creative (become business) plans……as I look back 30 years ago, I see how the journey was laid out for me and I even laugh at what I thought I could accomplish without knowing ‘the know’ way back then.  But….It all unfolded even better than what I had dared to dream……I just needed to have patience to learn, to grow and to listen to GOD. (Yes, even 30+ years).   It was the journey that was important.  His plan for me, not my plan for me.


I can remember the first moment  I wanted to design a Decorative Art pattern packet, I was a dreamer, I became passionate immediately for the Decorative Arts ~ I had only been painting a few years, but wanted instantly what the ‘Big Brushes’ were doing.  I wanted to design my own pattern with no experience what-so-ever…can you imagine?

He kept me moving forward on my path to learn and grow towards this dream. And guess what?  It still happened…..  The path that GOD laid out for me. He knew I needed the journey, I just didn’t see it and so happy I didn’t miss it!

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 I can remember another dream ~ to be published in a magazine.  Was I ready? Should I submit?  I was part of the Decorative Art World about 20 years at this point and was scared………I nervously submitted.

I received a phone call about 3 months later from Jake, the Editor, my first new design was accepted….oh my goodness! I drove my family nuts, I think I called every member of my family, even second cousins.  I was that excited…..seeing my piece, my pattern, my design, my name in that magazine was simply amazing!

The magazines, the books, the patterns, the convention booth, the blog, the studio, the classes, the seminars, the workshops and so on ~ the journey was taken and I was ready as everything presented itself along the way.

Well here I am setting forth my plan, my dream, my desires, my goals, and my wish list for the 2017 New Year.  It is something to work towards, a check list (I love a checklist), remembering to enjoy the journey, whether it be long or short ~ because it is that much more rewarding.

There may even be some twists and turns in a different direction (even bumps in the road), something unexpected, something even better!  I am open to GOD‘s plan….and the journey that may come with it.


 The Plan

Work Smarter and Harder – to grow.

  Take Care of Myself – I lost that part during all my busy-ness.  It is important.

  Make Time for Family  – that’s a given.  My niece is almost ready for her box of crayons.

Mirror Mirror 111

Listen and Spend Time with GOD –   It makes for a great day.

Make Things Better, improve on what is good–   you know, little things…

  Create Quality Classes –  … an audience.


  Work on Our Next Book – with Jane Allen and Wendy Young – It’s gonna be a good one!

 Plan Our Retreat – in September with Jane and Wendy- More info coming this year.

Work on the ‘ Halloween Orney Club’ – with Sheila Landry!  May release…


 Source my Rubber Stamp Designs –….crossed fingers, am I ready?  A new adventure….


  Finish my Home Studio –   Make it pretty!

  Design my very Own Studio at Tink’s Antiques (2nd floor)  – In the works…..

  Leave Room to Grow – and for the unexpected


 Visit Fun Places –  stay rejuvenated and creative….


 Let Go….of  the unnecessary, be generous.

I could go on and on….with my personal and business life list of wishes and to-do’s, some change from year to year, some stay the same.

  It is good to have plans, dreams and desires, just be sure to have a little wiggle room for the unexpected and enjoy the journey too!

Believe in yourself when no one else does, because GOD believes in you….then you can look back and say ‘I told you so’ !

What do you have planned for 2017?


On a side note….but oh’ so wonderful.  Are you a follower of Where Women Create?  It is a wonderful magazine and so much more….I have learned so much within their pages.

Their ‘motto’ below is something to live by….creatively speaking.


TOGETHER, whether we create with our hands or offer a helping hand, each of us can make a difference for all of us … WHAT IS IMPORTANT is that we work together, help each other, support each other, promote each other, reach out to each other … so that we can each/all be a true success story … however you define it.   Reach out every day to promote a friend … we can do this … together.

8 thoughts on “He laughs at my plans….

  1. lbarbadora says:

    Amy thank you for sharing your talent, style , hopes and dreams. You are such an inspiration. May you dream big in 2017 and continue to enjoy the journey. I’m glad to have found you my friend!

    1. Thank you my friend…and likewise!

  2. ali borowski says:

    I just want to comment…I have recently purchased two of your packets. ‘could not believe the number and quality of pictures that are included. thank you…artists should look at what you are STILL doing. ty

    1. Thank you so much for the kind compliment! It keeps me moving forward to be the best that I can be for our Decorative Art world! Happy Painting!

  3. Congratulations on your dreams and plans for 2017, I hope you achieve them all and more. My one desire, plan, dream for 2017 is to be in the center of God’s will

    1. Thank you my creative friend, 2017 will be another wonderful year of creating together! OUR journey will be that much more fun together!

  4. kellyhoernig says:

    Amy, it has been so special watching you bloom over the years and this year will be no different. Thank you for touching our lives with your art, heart and sense of style! Happy New Year my creative friend!!

    1. Happy New Year Kelly….Thank you for being such a fun, great inspiration thru my Artful journey!

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