Creating Fabric Folds with Acrylics

Are you ready to create fabric folds with acrylics?


I just love to take a flat painted surface and create dimension ~ all with a little paint and a few strokes of a brush …..amazing, huh?

Gather your DecoArt colors and join me ~ Antique White, Light Buttermilk, Titanium White, Dark Chocolate, Soft Black and Indian Turquoise

Are your brushes ready?….an angular brush, a mop brush and a scruffy brush

Click (here) for a line drawing and let’s get started creating fabric folds, together!

(PS:  The piece is painted on a chalkboard basecoated in black chalkboard paint and drybrushed in Graphite and Neutral Grey …..and the bowl is basecoated with Light Buttermilk, for a head start)

Basecoat the fabric linen, Antique White.

and with a few simple steps, we will be creating folds!

After basecoating ~ ‘map’ out the fabric folds with a Charcoal Pencil, or transfer the line drawing.

Then hi-lighted with a dry scruffy brush, Light Buttermilk and Titanium White.


Place the first shading color in with Dark Chocolate.


Then add the detail work, Indian Turquoise and the final shading color, Soft Black.


after the final shading, add the lace and it is complete!

Did you notice on the video I shade (float color) with a large angular brush, to get a wide float and use the brush many different ways?  I lay it flat for a typical float of color, I work on the chisel and pull toward me and I turn it upside down as well.  I even use it as a clean up tool….water is the secret, keep your surface damp.

I sure do hope you enjoyed the video…..


I won’t leave you hanging…..the pattern shown ‘Sweet Easter Bunnies’ will be free to you as well.  Add your email address to the blog page (right hand side of main page) and you will receive updates on new posts.

The free pattern will be available around Easter time 2017!


Here are a few other patterns with fabric folds in both acrylic and colored pencil, check out the pattern page.

Thank you for being my creative friend!  The journey is more fun with all of you……


Sweet Easter Bunnies



Coming Soon….Sweet Easter Bunnies Pattern, Halloween Orney Club, Studio Updates, Finding Treasures with Purpose

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