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Hello…. My name is Amy Joanne Mogish…..I am Creative ~a Maker ~ an Artist.


 Recently on Facebook and thru a few Workshops at our local Art Center there has been puzzled faces and questions asked ~ exactly what is it that you do and offer?

I feel like ‘Lucy’ needs to explain herself to ‘Ricky’.

Let me explain…..

I am a Decorative Artist, if I had to put a label on it…. …more of a creative soul who loves to share creativity with Friends and Community using the skills I have learned over the past 30 years thru Decorative Art.

I design for the Decorative Arts ~ by written patterns published thru myself, national magazines or print books, for all folks to create!

I offer instructional Workshops, Gatherings, Classes and Seminars using the patterns I create in acrylics, colored pencil and Classic Chalk Art style ~ sharing what I have learned.

I hand paint furniture and offer Workshops at Tink’s Antiques in Tamaqua Pa with Sweet Pickin’s Milk Paint.

I post on my Blog, Facebook and Instagram about all things creative, my love for vintage and share my home ideas and style.

The mediums I create with are DecoArt acrylics, Prismacolor colored pencils, and Sweet Pickin’s Milk Paint, along with Miss Mustard Seed.

The designs I create are in Acrylic, Colored Pencil and Classic Chalk Art.

…..What is Classic Chalk Art you ask?

It is a style~ more-so than a medium, that I created for the Tamaqua Community Arts Center.  All my Classic Chalk Art patterns are created with an acrylic background, the design is colored pencil and finished with pastel.  The background of the chalkboard shows thru as part of the design and when the pencil hits the wood, it is grainy like chalk……hence ‘Classic Chalk Art’!


I love to work with other Artists, my Community and Local Businesses….supporting each other is what makes our world go round and comes back ’10’ fold….a dozen times more.

…and soon I hope to roll out a Rubber Stamp Line!  This is a huge undertaking and am a ‘little chicken’ to take the plunge…..maybe the the sky is going to fall!


“and he puzzled and puzzled until his puzzler was sore”….DR Suess

So if you’re curious… ask….I  love sharing my world of creativity!  The more the merrier!

Thank you all from the bottom of my ‘chicken little’ heart for being curious enough to ask and fearless enough to try something new and crazy enough to join the Artful Life!


coming soon….Playing Favorites, Sweet Easter Bunnies Pattern, Halloween Ornie Club, Birds of a Feather……

8 thoughts on “Let me explain……

  1. Mom says:

    Hi Amy, First, I love the style of your blogs – it feels like I’m right there as your talking! Don’t we all have a little chicken in us? How I wish I lived closer to you…I love some of your classic chalk patterns, but I’m too chicken to try colored pencils…lol. Shoot, I have enough going on right now, I’d be crazy to take on anything more…lol. Painting is my passion, and I learned years ago how to supplement the family income thru selling at craft shows. Kids grow up, life happens, and I didn’t paint as much for a long time. About 1 1/2 years ago, I had a stroke, and while I did regain the majority of all loss of functions, I gained something even bigger. The passion I now have for painting is even more. With the help of family, I started doing shows again, and sell more now than I ever did. That’s great, but I’m now searching new patterns/ designers, because I don’t like painting the same things dozens of time – 6 to 10 is my limit. With each new endeavor, tho, that little chicken in me tries to come out…can I do it? Will it look right, be successful, etc. I recently read a book by Steve Harvey called Jump. If we want to do something, but let our fears hold us back, we will never succeed. I wish you well with your new line of stamps that you’re working on…with everything else you’ve done, it’s worked! Personally, I have very limited use of them, but then I’ve only recently started using stencils in backgrounds. I really do see how useful stamps can be. I will be waiting to see them as you come out with them! Thanks for your time reading this…and thanks for all you’ve done for the decorative painting community- we sure need people with your talents! Have a blessed day! Marian Dain

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    1. my heart felt happy with your kind words! Thank you for taking the time to comment I loved reading your story and encourage you to keep your passion and keep ‘jumping’! You are amazing Marian! Hugs.

  2. Thanks for sharing your creative life with us. I like the look of pencils and paint, I am seeing it a lot in people’s art.

    1. Thank you my creative friend! Glad we ‘jumped’ together into publishing our book, looking forward to our next book and our creative journey….

  3. Tracy jeanne says:

    Thanks for entering my little creative world!

    1. Thank you Tracy! It is so much fun to be a part of this Artful Life with all my creative friends…I am enjoying getting to know folks, even if it is thru the strokes of a keyboard! So many creative friends….

  4. I’m pleased to meet you Amy, your work is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your wonderful world of creativity.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Effie, I enjoy being blog friends! Our creative world is fun!

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