Sweet Easter Bunnies

Easter bunnies, spring flowers, and summer picnics are a stretch for me ~ as an Artist. Typically these holidays and seasons are painted in pastels and bright colors, which are ‘not my thing’.  My palette choices are the deep rich colors found in autumn, Halloween, winter and Christmas designs, ….favorites of mine to paint!

A little part of me wanted to stretch my wings and create an Easter pattern, not in the typical colors, but to try it ~ in a deep-rich-color-palette-vintage-kinda-way….

This acrylic painted design is the result and the pattern is created especially for you, ‘Sweet Easter Bunnies’




…and a sweet little Easter basket gift tag too!


The pattern including the supply list, instructions and a line drawings can be found by clicking below…… Enjoy!


…and don’t forget to check out ‘creating fabric folds with acrylics’ blog post!



sometimes stretching our wings is a good thing……it opens more doors!

Hippity Hoppity…..Enjoy!


…pssst ~ if you have been enjoying the ‘Classic Chalk Art’ patterns, watch for ‘Sweet Easter Bunnies’ Classic Chalk Art coming in April!



coming soon to the blog…Playing Favorites, Halloween Ornie Club, Easter Picks and Birds of a Feather

10 thoughts on “Sweet Easter Bunnies

  1. romaland says:

    Thank you, Amy. This makes me HOPPY! =)

    1. Thank you! Hoppy Painting!

  2. lbarbadora says:

    Some Bunny LOVES this ——–> ME! The colors are wonderful!

    1. Thank you….Hoppy Painting!

  3. Effie Carayannis says:

    The blue and yellow colours really “pop” against the dark background. I Love it”

  4. Thanks for sharing this sweet design with us, you did great outside of your comfort zone.

  5. Sharon Dobbs says:

    Thank you! I am going to paint this one for sure! You are so sweet to make this one Free!

    1. Enjoy Sharon! Please share your painting!

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