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easter bunny picks 4

Are you Crafty Creative?

What do you see in the grocery store isles?  Do you see canned goods, frozen food and loaves of bread?  Or do you see things creatively different?  For instance…..When I see jelly jars, I look at the lids and imagine them turned upside down as a snow globe, (more on this to come I promise!), or a large soup can – can be made into a punch tin votive with a cute sculpted mouse hanging over the edge with a large matchstick in hand, (uhmmmm, add that to my to-do list), or cloves become snowman eyes…….. you see what I am sayin’, Crafty Creative!

kinda like when my Mom would look at loaves of bread and see sleeves for our tiny feet to slide into our boots to go sleigh riding many years ago…..right mom?  Ok…so maybe not the same.

So a Lindt Chocolate Bunny was staring back at me in the Market……and this is what happened….

Easter Bunny Cupcake Picks!  Would you like to make a few?

A nice addition to your Easter dessert table, matching the baker’s twine to the sprinkles, to your tablecloth.

easter bunny picks 5
easter bunny picks 2
easter bunny picks 6
easter bunny picks 7

Gather Your Supplies

Vegetable Cooking Spray (like Pam), Bunny Silicone Candy Mold (Michael’s Craft Store – Candy Isle), Quick Wood, Lollipop Sticks or Dowel Rod cut to size (Michael’s Craft Store), DecoArt Paint ~ Indian Turquoise, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Cocoa, DecoArt Matte Spray Varnish, DecoArt Decoupage Matte, Sponge Brush for Decoupage, Basic Painting Supplies, Gold Leafing (Rebecca Baer, here), Stiff Brush (like a stencil brush), Glue Gun, Baker’s Twine (to match your cupcake sprinkles) and a Gold Bell.

& Create Easter Bunny Cupcake Picks

Spray inside the candy mold with cooking spray.  Cut off a section of the Quick Wood and knead until blended (Thanks Wendy Young for sharing your quick wood techniques with me!).  Press kneaded quick wood into mold and then gently remove from mold and place the lollipop stick or dowel into the bottom.  Let dry until firm (this is a good time to visit Wendy Young’s Sculpting site… here).

Make a few extra bunnies to look like chocolates…..yum!

Paint the bunnies Dark Chocolate, then drybrush back Milk Chocolate and Cocoa.  Add an eye, inside ear,  nose and whiskers Dark Chocolate, the sticks are Indian Turquoise. 

Add Gold Leafing… covering sections of the bunny (or whole bunny) with Decoupage, then apply leafing  and press on with a stiff brush.  Some of the leafing will pull away, but that just adds to part of  the Charm!

Add the eye, inside ear, nose and whiskers to gold leaf’ed bunnies with Dark Chocolate.

Spray all bunnies with DecoArt Matt Spray Varnish.

embellish each with Baker’s Twine and Gold Bell….with Glue Gun.

How Cute…..

easter bunny picks 3

The cupcakes shown were baked by one of my favorite Baker’s, Linda of Sweet Treats!  She is very creative with her baked yummies, and has classes on Candy Making and Decorating  Sweets in Tamaqua PA, how lucky we are to have her! 

Linda told me the grass sprinkles on the top of each cupcake were dyed shaved ‘communion-like’ wafers, how clever is that!

easter bunny picks 8


Easter Bunny Picks
easter bunny picks 4

I hope you enjoyed this crafty creative project!

Hope you have a Happy Hoppy Easter!


coming soon ~ Birds of a Feather, Classic Halloween Ornie Club Take 2, The Family Biz

8 thoughts on “Easter Bunny Cupcake Picks

  1. lbarbadora says:

    Those are beyond adorable! You are amazing!

    1. Thank You Lynn! I also tried it with ‘cheap’ tin foil and they were just as cute….but silver!

  2. Yummy…the chocolate bunnies look so real!

    1. Thank you! And all the paint colors were Chocolate too! Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Cocoa!

  3. Linda M. Beibleheimer says:

    They are cute ! I will have to make them !

    1. They were really fun Linda….Thank you! I also tried it with ‘cheap’ tin foil for a silver foil look and they were just as cute!

  4. Clever idea

    1. Thank you!

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