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Take 2…and there’s more!!!!!

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The Classic Halloween Ornie Club (Decorative Art acrylic painting club) first mailing is coming soon….in June!

Have you had a chance to visit the Classic Halloween Ornie Club Page (click here) or blog post (click here) and check out all the fun perks of being a member? 

You can view all the super spooky ornies included too!

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So you ask…… What are the benefits for signing up by May 1st?

The club was designed for you to receive your ornaments and patterns in fun packaging ~ each month all-together!  Joining in May assures you ~ the ornaments and pattern will arrive together….this will save you from having the ornaments and patterns shipped from 2 different locations and saving on postage!

Also…..The very first ‘drawing’ for a Classic Halloween Rubber Stamp ~ will include all the members names who join by May 1st!  The member’s name that is drawn will receive the stamp with the June mailing! 

So you see, the early crow gets the worm…..


Hay, look at this fun ornie idea….a basket tie-on!

new 1

Not signed up by May 1?

….no worries, the club is open to you and exclusive for one year!

Your ordering, invoicing and mailing will be from 2 different locations, (depending on supplies remaining in PA, USA) after May 1st.  (if ordering after May 1st, we will advise when the ornaments are to be ordered thru

The ornies will be invoiced and mailed from Sheila Landry Designs in Canada and the patterns will be invoiced and mailed from Classic Amy Joanne in PA, USA. 

The club price remains the same for one year, regardless of where it is mailed from.  Ornies will be billed at $9.00 ($3 each) and the pattern will be billed at $11.00 each.


….add the ornie to a fun vignette, an unexpected surprise!

new 2

So…. what happens after 1 year?

The ornies will be sold thru Sheila Landry Designs and the patterns will be sold thru this site at regular price, $15.00.


Did you know the ornies are designed to place a photo in the bevel cut?  Wouldn’t it be fun to place a favorite photo of your kids or grand-kids trick or treating?


Some of the fun perks available to members are…..

Pretty packaging will arrive in your mail box, a FaceBook Group to share our creations, extra ornaments available thru Sheila Landry Designs (pick your favorite and create for a friend), The Halloween Ornie Tree and Banner ‘How-To’ instructions, a 20% Discount code for a one time purchase from Sheila Landry Designs and Classic Amy Joanne, drawings for our new Fall Book, a Classic Rubber Stamp, and other little surprises along the way.


Look at the cute little details added to each pattern….the ghost has leggings and socks, how fun!

I joined….what should I expect next?

Once your membership request is received at,  you will receive an email confirmation…..kinda like a Welcome Kit!

Then, the beginning of May you will receive the first invoice for the first 3 ornaments and pattern.  Once the invoice is paid you will receive an email with our FaceBook Link, a ‘How-To-Link’ from Sheila about the ornies, and a Coupon Code from each of us to receive a discount for our sites.  You will also receive a link to purchase additional ornaments from Sheila! 

The first mailing will arrive to you this June!

Wow…..all those perks for just $20.00 a month!

(invoiced and mailed over 4 months ~ 3 ornaments and pattern each month. Sign up after May, you will receive an invoice for what is being released at the time ….after September you will be invoiced for all patterns and/or ornaments and all will be mailed ~ the monthly option will not apply, also depending on PA stock remaining.)
new 4

Sure hope you will join us…..Invite your Chapter Members and Friends!  Would make a fun get together to create the ornies!

Interested….send an email to


And guess what?!?!?  Sheila and I have had so much fun planning the Club ~ we are planning a Classic Christmas Ornament Club for 2018!  I just love working with Sheila Landry!

Stay tuned in…..


coming soon to the blog ~ Birds of a Feather, Blue Bird Happiness, Floating Color Video~pick up the larger brush, Welcome Home Gift House with Stamped Tissue and Tag, The Family Biz


2 thoughts on “Classic Halloween Ornie Club – Take 2

  1. Janet Roache says:

    I just stumbled upon this and I think your designs are simply adorable! I am going to sign up! 😍

  2. Your ornies are so spookily awesome. I just adore Hocus Pocus and I love Boo to You. So hard to pick a favourite! Brilliantly done!

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