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Craft Scraps + Wreath + A Halloween Club Ornie = A Handmade Gift ‘from your hands and heart’….. for a Friend!

$5 Smiles (2)

I don’t know a single crafter who doesn’t have a full stash of left over craft scraps waiting for a purpose.  We keep each scrap…knowing it will be useful one day.

This craft scrapp-y wreath…is just that, made from scraps!

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….and having knowledge of the Decorative Arts, well, that is the icing on the cake.  Paint with us a few ornies from the ‘Classic Halloween Ornie Club’…you could make alott-a fun craft scrappy Halloween wreaths!

Really…the Halloween Ornie can be replaced with any fun ‘focal point’…a keepsake ornament, a hand-painted wood-turning, a vintage bell, a framed photo….you get the picture.

$5 Smiles 9 (2)

With a few supplies and craft scrappy-s, you can make the bestest ‘not so cheesy’ handmade gift for a friend ……. just to make them smile.

This simple wreath was created with a grapevine wreath, an ornie, a few sticks from the woods, craft scraps and a little bit of creativity.   

$5 Smiles 6 (2)

I created the wreath around the The Classic Halloween Ornie Club Ornie….never to late to join the club!  Check below for details……and picking and choosing as I shopped my craft room stash for leftovers.


To start I added a few extra collected sticks to a grapevine wreath,  spray painted it flat black and added a touch of spray glitter, then assembled.

As you can see I created the wreath a few different ways using only what I had available in my own craft stash.

Baker’s twine and scrapbooking paper made up the garland.

Newspaper yarn for an added touch, purchased at the ‘Yarn Nook Summer Shanty Studio’ in Tamaqua PA a few years back……what a fun find from a favorite shop and finally a purpose.

$5 Smiles 5 (2)

 a few ‘vintage-look-a-like’ cloths pin were added….just because.

Bows were created with scraps of hand dyed wool, glad I didn’t part with it.

$5 Smiles 8 (2)


$5 Smiles 3 (2)

I think any friend will be happy to receive this wreath….Smile!

$5 Smiles 7 (2)

So what kind of fun leftover craft scraps to you have to make-up a wreath?

All you need is a wreath, a focal point (like the ornie) and craft scrappy-s!

Would love to have you join us at the Classic Halloween Ornie Club!  Join 50+ members and share the love of creating together!  $20.00 a month for 3 ornies, a pattern, and fun goodies along the way!  Drop a message thru FB or email me at for information!  Click below for more information….

Just simply curious?…..Become a member of our FaceBook Group, to watch, cheer and give encouragement to the folks painting!


Coming Soon to the Blog ~ Drop Cloth and Flour Sack Bowl Covers, Autumn Snack Chalkboard Cones, The Family Biz, Chippy Blue and Chalkboard Pumpkins, Scrub Brush Repurpose

12 thoughts on “Craft Scraps Wreath

  1. lbarbadora says:

    Eeeeeek! This is SPOOKtacular Amy!

    1. Thank you Lynn!

  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun creating the scrappy wreath Amy, It’s so adorable!! 🙂

    1. ….oh boy do I have the scraps! Thank you!

  3. lbarbadora says:

    I love it AMY……and I drool over ALL your photos!

    1. Thank you for the compliment….I love taking photos too! 🙂

  4. Very fun, see that you are thinking fall already and I am thinking flamingos. 🙂

    1. you are 100% pink flamingo! I am dreaming of Autumn!


    ..lovin my ornies sincerely Elaine D’Archangel

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    1. Hi Elaine! I will make sure your address is correct for the club! So glad you are enjoying it!

      Thank You!

  6. Barb Jones says:

    Another cutie!! LOVE it!!

    1. Thanks Barb….just think if I added my vintage junk….mmmm, a whole-nother blog post! 🙂

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