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Hear-ye, Hear-ye….Decorative Painting Classes now in Tamaqua PA!

This has been on my ‘wish-to-do list’ for a while now (but timing is everything),  To create a place to gather, learn, create, share and paint together, with the emphasis on learning and sharing in an Artful place with continuing classes in our own Community!

Welcome to ‘Brush~n~Hand’ Studio at the Tamaqua Community Art Center.  What better place than at our very own Art Center! 

merry and bright 3 (2)

‘Brush~n~Hand’ Studio and how it unfolded

Back in 1990 ~ Every week on a Tuesday and for many years following, I took Decorative Painting classes at ‘Brushstrokes’ in Palmerton, Pa with my friend Tracy.  It became not only a place to learn and share, but to grow friendships….GOD was planting seeds for my Artful journey.

During this time of learning and growing I could not get enough brushes, read enough magazines, visit enough shops, take enough seminars, buy enough books and patterns, travel enough to conventions and meet enough like-minded folks…..I became passionate and driven.

It was sad when ‘Brushstrokes’ closed its doors, I missed the every week classes to paint, learn and connect with folks.  I still continued on my Artful journey creating and connecting where-ever Deocorative Painting could be found in hopes to find another place to connect with Painters weekly.

My friend Tracy has often said….’I miss carrying my painting bag’ !

The world needs more of this today ~ to slow down and take time to Gather and Enjoy and Learn….and be together.

merry and bright 2 (2)

Fast forward……the Tamaqua Community Art Center opened in our hometown, five years ago.  I mean really…. this was going to be awesome (no brainer)!  So off I went to present Decorative Art to the Director Leona Rega, confident with 30 years experience.  We started with introducing Decorative Art thru Colored Pencil Workshops, then developed Chalkboard Art ‘Chalk and Chew’ Workshops  and tossed in a few quick Acrylic Workshops too….all the while finding creative folks, them finding me, building and growing in our Community over 5 years….. needing to take the journey and scattering the seeds to grow in our Community.

It is now time to introduce Artful Learning, Decorative Painting style, in continued classes…and ‘Brush~n~Hand’ Studio was created!

Are you ready to join us ~ Tamaqua PA?  Are you ready to learn skills to paint on your own?  May I reserve a seat for you?  Are you ready to invest in yourself? 

This is hands on, at a relaxed pace, to learn ~ unlike Entertainment Art that has gained popularity in the past decade….come experience, learn skills and grow as an Artist!

Every other Wednesday beginning on Sept 13, 2017

We will begin with ‘Merry and Bright’ Cookie Keepsake Box…creating together from an unfinished piece of wood to a keepsake you will want to share (or keep)!

Imagine that…. learning to create shiny candy canes and fabric folds hands on!  Learning how to read a pattern to create from many Decorative Artists!

If you are a beginner….YES, you can learn to do this! 

merry and bright (2)

Learning as we go about brush care, preparing a piece of wood for paint, how to use different surfaces, making it yours…..and more and more and more.

This pattern is a little different then all the others….it is written with the beginner painter in mind….with a few extra tips and advise and links to visit.

Experienced Decorative Painters are also Welcome…relax and enjoy!

Merry and Bright 4 (2)
merry and bright 8 (2)

If you would like to join us, drop an email to for information and a list of supplies to bring along.  You can also find the information thru this link.

The paint we use is acrylics thru DecoArt.  You will not find a finer bottle acrylic paint.  I am proud to be a DecoArt Helping Artist!

I also have been working closely with an awesome brush Company, Scharff.  They have prepared a brush link to purchase your first set of brushes!  Anyone can purchase thru this link….if you want a good quality set of brushes….click below!

These classes are offered at a really good price, $20.00 per nite, it is a little way for me to give back to my Community …..I hope you will consider joining us, 5 seats remain!

  Instruction, Paint ad Pattern included with every class!

merry and bright 7 (2)

…and to all my far away painting friends, the pattern will be available in September.  Keep a watchful eye, I will update the blog and annouce on Facebook!



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merry and bright 3 (2)


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17 thoughts on “‘Brush~n~Hand’ Studio

  1. Ellie Setlock says:

    Hi Amy, I love your blog. But most of all, I love your enthusiasm in teaching people like me how to gain confidence in myself to even try to do such art. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have no idea what you brought me out of.. What a testament for us both.
    After having a crushed cervical spine injury, many surgeries, etc. I never thought i could master anything like these art pieces. You, with encouraging words and patience to deal with me, brought me out of my rut and feeling useful again. Thank you Amy. I’ll forever be grateful. Please let me know when you have any classes, I’ll try to sttend as many as I can
    I love it. And now i feel a purpose.
    Christmas blessings to you and Jerry.
    Love and continued prayers
    Ellie Setlock

    1. Ah Ellie…you are so sweet! I simply enjoy sharing all things creative and what I have learned over the years. And like you ~ it is wonderful therapy mentally and physically and brings people together to laugh, share and create! Many friendships were made with a paintbrush in hand! Love having you in class and as a friend….Merry Christmas to you and your family, Love, Amy

  2. Donna Enoch says:

    Love this! I will be waiting to purchase the packet !

    1. Thank you! I just listed the packet on the pattern page….Enjoy!

  3. Marsha Taillon says:

    Sounds like such fun! Wish I lived there.

    1. Would be fun Marsha!

  4. It is about time this happened, your students will never find a better, more precise, more patient, more creative teacher/mentor than you. I know, I’ve been along for quite a few of the 30 years ride with you. Congratulations on this new venture. darlene

    1. Thank you Darlene! We certainly have been together for many of those 30 years! I have the best painting friends!

  5. Vera Collier says:

    Good luck with you classes. I love this piece❤️ Too bad it is such a long commute from Northern Michigan to Pennsylvania as I would love to be in one of those 5 remaining seats! Looking forward to getting the pattern in September!

    1. It’s only a 10 minute ride Vera, lol! It would be wonderful if we could all paint together some day! Thank you!

  6. Wishing you every success with your new decorative painting venture. I would take up one of those five seats if i didn’t live on the other side of the world. 🙂

    1. Hi Effie! It should be an easy flight, lol! Would be fun to create together!

  7. Sure wish I lived in Tamaqua….. 😊

    1. me too! Imagine all of us painters together!

  8. So glad that you are keeping decorative painting going one person at a time. I hope they find the joy in painting that so many of us have.

    1. …always fun to find new painting friends!

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