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For goodness sakes….Facebook Goodness, Whatever is she talking about?

Please, give me a chance to explain.

fb post 1 (2)

In 2014 I joined ‘social media’ to begin my blog and really get into unfolding my business ‘Classic Amy Joanne’. Creating my domain name and wanting to be sure I could use the name in all other areas for my biz…such as~Instagram, emails, web and Facebook.  Thank you Jane Allen of ‘Jane Allen Creates’  for all your techy information!

check it all off the list.  Classic Amy Joanne, was available…and created!


Not really knowing what to expect or how to manage or use or maneuver all of this.

 I mean really~ I love to create and share my creations, period. 

A computer guru~ I am not, but in order to grow my business in this century I was going to have to roll with everyone else and join the ranks of the tech savvy, the socials, and the young.

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It was the most effective way of ‘spreading’ the word, about my Art, my World, My Classes, My Blog, my Designs….you get the picture.  No more flyers hanging at the super-market.

Making the decison then ~ that my posts would 99% of the time be about Art and the promotion of it, always positive, always to share.  My personal life was to remain personal….even as magical and wonderful it is.

Three years later, I can say, I post everyday on Instagram and Facebook…and blogging once a week most times….It all has been a good experience.

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People are the same people on or off Facebook (Social Media) (as I tell the anti-facebook folks), what you see is what you get.  I chose early on to make it about my business.  Other folks use it to share family, share adventures, share vacations and share their lives, alot of goodness, a nice way to stay in touch……and it is not always a bad thing. (minus a few posts you would rather not see). I have learned to scroll by the nonsense.  Just like avoiding someone in the grocery store isle, lol!

spring cleaning 7

I am able to grow my business, create business relationships, find product, meet fellow designers, find chapters and fellow bloggers, enjoy happy painting friends, join groups of interest, sell Art and grow as an Artist, Painter, Designer, Friend, and Business Woman.

Thru Social Media I have met wonderful like-minded folks I would have not met otherwise……I have had the privilege to paint with a few folks thru Chapters and private classes because of chance post on Facebook. 

It makes the world a smaller place….we can reach each other.

Meeting new friends thru my paint brush and my keyboard….good friends (even though we never met in person)…just because of our daily activity on Facebook.  We laugh together (and sometimes cry together) and we create together and share together….and even pray together.

I can tell you for sure ~ if the Titanic was going down and we were all on it, I trust they would save me a seat on the life boat and throw me my paintbrushes…and likewise.

fb post 4 (2)

Facebook has also been a place of encouragement, thru likes, loves and comments.  If you request opinions or advise….like it or not, you have it.

Meeting folks from California, to Australia, to China to Canada to my neighbor down the street that I would not have known otherwise.  Yes this is true…..

Being an introvert, my keyboard strokes are my voice.  The real deal.

I look forward to checking in every morning and ending the day with a look-see….my friends are always there ready to share or encourage or just to say Hello! …and if you are missing for a while, they will send a search party. (don’t doubt that).

favorite finds 5

So you see….there is Goodness to Facebook.  Any comments or thoughts?

Are you on Facebook?  Will you be my friend? What are you waiting for?

Here are ways we can connect….

Facebook, Instagram ‘Classic Amy Joanne’, email, Follow Me – Blog Page and a Newsletter E-blast (are you on the list?)

Just like in real life… is what You make of it.

Coming Soon ~ Building vignette, Chippy Blue Chalkboard Pumpkins and Book Tour

18 thoughts on “Facebook Goodness

  1. lbarbadora says:

    I am so happy for social media because like you it has opened up a whole new world for me meeting people who also share my passion for creating and painting. I am even more BLESSED and GRATEFUL for the day you reached out to me to paint your PANTRY SWEETS project and BLOG about it…….and thus a new friendship blossomed. The “kind of ART” you create speaks to me. Your creativity and talent are not only an inspiration to me but so many others out there in the “cyber world”. If I had one wish it would be one day I can meet you in person and we can share brushes to paint together!

    1. My wishes are the same Lynn…one day our paint puddles will mix! Thank you for your friendship!

  2. Donna Enoch says:

    Hi Amy , can you tell I’m trying to catch up !! I enjoy your posts every day and your blog , but if I happen to get too busy to get on Facebook daily then I will go to your page to see what I have missed when time allows. You can count on it !! You always give me an art fix ! So happy we are friends !

    1. You are sweet Donna and am SO Happy I had the chance to meet you! I know we will be creative friends and kindred spirits forever! The ‘private’ class I talk about on this post was at your lovely home! Thank you for your friendship….

  3. Pam says:

    I am so pleased we are friends!! Lovely story

    1. Thank you Pam! I love how we all connect on FB….otherwise we would not know each other! Grateful…..

  4. Arianna Box says:

    Amy, I’m so glad that we became fb friends. I love your art, your style, and your sense of humor. You have so much to offer us creative people and you seem to tirelessly create your pieces in a fashion that never gets boring. Your designs also help other business folks like Sheila Landry who cuts the pieces of wood we need to complete a project of yours. Only on fb could this happen. The list probably goes on and on. You do such fantastic work, keep going strong.

    1. You comment makes me smile. I am so appreciative of You for being my friend and your kindness! Keep creating and sharing! Love our FB friendship!

  5. Lisa Ruffing says:

    Glad I met you on Facebook Amy. Funny how you can connect with someone you’ve never met, and they become part of your day, every day. I look forward to seeing what you have created, and what will follow, and how the heck that trademark baker’s twine is going to be incorporated into it. lol! I may not always comment, but I see your posts & they brighten my day. Love your whimsy & humor. We share many of the same tastes and interests, not to mention …. a birthday. Glad to call you “friend”.

    1. I enjoy our friendship too! Love sharing a birthday, humor, painting and sister fun! See you on Facebook, lol!

  6. Although we did not meet on Facebook but in real life…it was through Art. Thankful for your friendship on and off screen.

    1. For sure Jane…..Our love for Art has grown into an awesome friendship I just love!

  7. I also am a huge fan of Facebook and believe that (as with anything) we get out of it what we put into it. There are so many ways to filter out the “nonsense” and it is an incredible way to be around people that share the same interests. I don’t know where I would be without my creative friends (like YOU!) 🙂

    We are fortunate to live in a time when we are able to share our love of creating with people all over the world – real time, too! I am glad I met you through this venue and I hope one day to meet you in person. Keep creating those beautiful designs and spreading your wonderful creativity! 🙂

    1. Because of FaceBook we have an awesome friendship….cannot wait to meet in person one day! Hugs!

  8. Thank you for spreading your love for art…and for being my friend Amy.

    1. Love our growing friendship Effie! Our world is a little closer!

  9. Judy Craft says:

    I would love to be friends on Facebook. I have been painting for 63 years and still do.

    1. I will look you up Judy! Always fun to share!

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