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building vignette 6 (2)

Building Vignettes ~ # 1 Rule, there are no rules!  No trend followers (or setters) here…..  No boxing yourself into a ‘style’.  Just simply create with what you love and what you have, not from a current trend or style…but YOUR style….

~Here are a few tips and suggestions to Build A Vignette ~

Make it yours ~ For me it can be a piece of memory making like a photo or memento, something handmade ~ hand painted of course,  or a vintage find.

  Consider height, balance, color, seasons and holidays too. 

Add greens…every season has green, dried leaves, fresh grass, sparkly evergreen or soft moss. If you have a green thumb, you are one step ahead!

don’t forget odd #’s trump evens.  Think placement.

If possible use a neutral background, it will not compete with the Vignette….a wallpaper, paint color or wide open areas will already have you boxed in to choosing your vignette pieces.

Have fun….it’s not worth doin’ unless you have fun, get messy and be creative!


Here is what I was thinking when building this ~ Everyday Vignette

…since antique gold is a subtle metal in my living space, the vintage tray worked nicely in this vignette….it also adds height to the background.  I found this on an antiquing trip to Ohio….notice the engraving in the center with a Wedding Anniversary, surely a momento to someone ~ somewhere in time.

building vignette 1 (2)

Still considering height, I added a touch green with a boxwood wreath, any green will add life to a room and texture…….and it being the accent color within the room it blends in with the décor.  A nice compliment to all the denim blue.

Ironstone placed in each vignette thru-out my home keeps a common flow between rooms.  Bet you never saw a chamber pot look so good!  I am drawn to the creamy white ironstone and its simplicity.  It is not overcomplicated and busy.

building vignette 2 (2)

time worn books were added for layering, height and interest ~ found at our Church Book Fair…one being an ol’ hymnal….lovin’ the worn pages from years of singing praises!  Turning the books around and exposing the pages would be a nice touch as well.

  Looking at the photos ~ If you can visualize I ~ just imagine if the chamber pot on the book was on the same level as the other chamber pot… would not be as interesting as shown with different visual height.  Do you see how stacking height is important?  Your eye has somewhere to travel. 

adding a third piece of ironstone…because we all know 3’s look better…

building vignette 3 (2)

hhheeemmmm, we are getting there.  Since the season is summer….I will add more green.

building vignette 5 (2)
building vignette 4 (2)

…but something is missing.

We have 3 ironstone, different heights, greens for texture…but we need a small (accent) piece… thinking something in metal to balance it.

building vignette 7 (2)

The clock….just perfect.

As you can see it is a gathering of vintage, memories and color.  A vintage sepia photo would look awesome too, maybe against the tray…..

There is a point when enough is enough….clutter is not the look we are going for.

Here is another look at a similar Holiday Vignette with touches of red during the Christmas Season.


Notice how the wicker baskets create height and texture.  The 3 pieces of ironstone create balance.  A  flower frog is a fun vintage find keepin’ with the colors….a nice vintage santa photo in sepia tones would have looked nice as well.  Red adds that pop!

As you look at the 3 vignettes together, they ‘flow’ nicely. The Basket on the top shelf, the wicker and the pinecones for height and texture and also color ~ on the remaining shelves.  The green for texture and touches of holiday red create interest.


Building vignettes for an intentional purpose like staging for a photograph is similar to ‘real life’…..but need to be strategically placed for the camera, not the regular eye…

You can be a bit more playful too…but we will touch on this another time.

Are you one of those folks whom can walk into a room in any home and totally visualize it in your style the first 10 seconds you are there?  Yep, I have that tool in my tool box…right down to placement of the remote control.  LOL !

Everyone has their own taste and style….when creating create for you.

building vignette 7 (2)

Building Vignettes….just another form of creativity!  Click onto the Category ‘Home Stylist’ and you will see many created vignettes with the posts, my favorites are Autumn and Christmas!


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5 thoughts on “Building Vignettes for the Everyday

  1. Love to visit memory lane Jane…glad you had the chance to visit! Oh…and I would only change to remote control in your beautiful home! I mean really…we picked the same paint color!

    1. Funny how we did that without even knowing

  2. Great tips Amy! I love the idea of adding green, it certainly adds life to everything.

    1. Makes a girl happy! Thank you!

  3. Thanks for all the tips. Even though you don’t know it you also took me on a trip down memory lane. My father sold those trays in his jewelry store and we had those little choir boys with a church when we were little. I use to play with them at Christmas. Thanks for sharing. Ps.I will have to ask you how you would redorate my house, always fun to get new ideas.

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