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Art Play Date 2017

an Art Play Date that is! 

If you are not familiar with Art Play Date….it is a creation by Artist, Kelly Hoernig, to gather a group of designing Artists to create designs, patterns and videos to offer to all our painting  friends to enjoy, learn and create!

This year, we are sharing with you ~ our wintry edition ~ Winter Edition of Art Play Date.  Eight Artists under one roof….your roof

And guess what?…. you asked, we listened……this year the videos are for keepers, no expiration date!  And if that is not enough, all the videos and instructions will begin at the same time…Oct 1st!

Your Artists friends include ~ Kelly Hoernig, Deb Antonick, Debbie Cole, Chris Haughey, Amy Mogish, Tracy Moreau, Laurie Speltz, and Judy Westegaard-Jenkins.

Can the projects be any more exciting?! Take a look-see….

apdwe17 projects website 72


The project I created for you is ‘Sweet Goodness’

Art play date 2017 4 (2)
art play date 2017 5 (2)

‘Sweet Goodness’ is mostly DecoArt acrylics with a little bit of penciling and a touch of glamour dust and german glass glitter for wintry sparkle!


When designing for a purpose such as Art Play Date….I design the pattern before  creating or choosing the wood surface.  Being mindful of making the project useful and nice for gift giving.  Choosing a subject matter that is full of homespun charm, a little vintage and with a touch of whimsy! ……The sweetness of this snowman and the cookies and critter certainly have a bit of charm and whimsy!

 Being a ‘chalk art’ kinda girl, the background was created with vintage green chalkboard paint, using techniques to create the worn, warm look of an erased chalkboard.  So classic vintage!

The colors Country Red and Light Buttermilk from DecoArt look simply perfect against the Vintage Green Chalkboard….adding glamour dust and german glass glitter adds that touch of sparkle!

The surface was then created by my friend Sheila Landry (purchase thru  Created to be used many different ways ~ as a basket    tie-on, or tree ornaments, hung from a door knob or a wreath, or to wrap around napkins with baker’s twine of course…..whatever you can dream up!  The larger pieces are fun gift trays to serve cookie stacks and cupcakes as gifts, Now how clever is that!  A photo can easily be tucked inside the bevel.

Picture this ~ using a red vintage soda crate as a tray, stacked with cookies inside in cello bags tied up with baker’s twine, with an ornament tied on!… pretty would that be for serving vintage style this Christmas?!  Ok, so now I am on the hunt for a red soda crate…..anyone else?

Handmade and Homemade Sweet Goodness

The paintings make up pretty quickly too….would be a great craft show piece!


art play date 2017 6 (2)
art play date 2017 13 (2)

I told ya this was gonna be fun!

art play date 2017 12 (2)
art play date 2017 7 (2)

On the video….you will find painting tips, techniques, gift giving ideas and quirky me!

 Betty White has nothing to worry about….I am a painter and not an actress, please excuse my pauses and ‘umms’ and ‘aaahhhs’ while on film!!  One day I will get the hang of this…..My sister loves to edit and point out all my flaws,  oh… to have a sister, lol !

Are you ready to get started?  Click on the below link to join us!

Please join us for Art Play Date 2017!

art play date 2017 14 (2)
Art Play Date 2017


PS ~ The red velvets and chocolate chippers are from Sweet Treats Bakery in Tamaqua Pa….so yummy!  They did not last to long after the photos!


Coming Soon ~ Milk Painted Pedestal, Chalkboard Snack Cones, Mister Creepy, Classic Halloween Ornie Club Tree and Sculpted Kitty and Mouse Tie-On !

2 thoughts on “Would you like to join me for a Play Date?

  1. Lisa says:

    I don’t think that I can do the art play date but I’m surely interested in the patterns you’ve created for it. I hope that they’ll eventually be available . Your work is beautiful and unique Amy.

  2. I love it! Love the colours, Love the cookies and the cupcakes. 🙂

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