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Say it isn’t so!!!!…..we are on the last Club mailing, ‘sniffle, sniffle’. 

I feel like we are leaving summer camp….. picturing the school bus pulling away and everyone waving goodbye thru the small top window ….’see ya next year my friends’……(for some reason I picture Kristy McNichols and the bad news bears, lol)

But really ….we can all still keep in touch on FaceBook and continue to share thru our Group Page, how about that!  The Club is also available to new members thru June 2018, so there is plenty of time to join us!  We are a fun bunch…..just sayin’

Click (here) for membership information!

Your pieces are so uniquely yours……and we are enjoying each and every Facebook post…and how about those backsides?

Our final farewell membership gift to you is a pattern for Sheila’s tree, the tree top and panels.

Click below to shop for your tree!

halloween t 7 (2)
halloween t 8 (2)
halloween 1 (2)

and just a quick reminder….don’t forget to use your coupons codes for a one time 20% discount purchase on our sites….good until Dec 31, 2017.

Congrats to all the monthly winners thru-out the mailings too!

The final mailing with tree pattern will be leaving headquarters this week!


I am so thankful for your response to this Club….that Sheila and I have something special up our sleeves for a Club in 2018!  Thinking Christmas Yummy-s with a twist or two! 

Along with a Pin Club too!

Stay Tuned In…..

halloween club image


Coming Soon ~ Milk Painted Furniture, Working a Room, Chalkboard Snack Cones, Sculpted Kitty and Mouse Tie-On

2 thoughts on “Classic Halloween Ornie Club ~ Tree Top

  1. Hi Amy! I love the tree, it’s so well suited to the ornaments. Can’t wait to see what you are planning for in 2018 🙂

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